rm_audiofreack 29M
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6/7/2006 9:29 am

Life sucks!!!!
but that's not importnt right now, isn't it???? bha, anyway...

Bored, bored, bored!!... Death is in love with me!!!

I'll try to make somthing fun in this week.

Well, the 9th is my graduation. Thanks God i'm getting out of that school!!!! So nice to breath free air again!!! I just hate when my teachers said, you rocker, stay quiet, dont talk, dont move, dont even breath!!!! Wath the (censored) That's the reason for me to burn a chair in the midle of a class turn, hahahaha, you have to see the face of the teacher, well, also I burn a great part of the school yard, Ha, that was awesome!!! and some litle bombs in all the school!!! Well, they were made it with some bullets!! ha!!! you have to se the face of the students when they hear the first BOOM!!!! hahahahaha THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!
well c ya!

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