Really exiting!  

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6/6/2006 8:43 am
Really exiting!

Yesterday this girl came to my house. All start with a normal talking, but, then, she start to take her clothes off, i said: "Oh men, this is jackpot!" can you belive it???

Well, she sit in front of my legsand tell me, that short is going to stay in there??? i sayd no and she tock it off. I was in my underwear and my cock was already erected. She toock off my underwear and start liking my cock. Well, i begun to play with her pussy by the time she was sucking. then i grab her and throw her in the bed, i went down to the pussy and start licking, she was so exited!!!! her pussy was all wet, delicius!!!

Well, when place my cokc in her pussy she told to penetrate her right now, i start playing with my cok in her pussy, she was beging me in moanigs me to penetrate her, then i penetrate her, she start moaning louder, that turn my off even more.

Will the sex was going well, i start to play with his ass and penetrate her by behind, she like it by behind, men, you'll have to see that fine chest moving, she moaning and her back in front of me.

We start changing position and then, she stops and start sucking my cock again, then i penetrate again her pussy and then his ass, i was stimulating her pussy with my hand.

She cum and then, when i was about to cum, grab her by her hair and place her face in front of my cock, when i cum, all of it was in her face and mouth, then, she start licking my cock even more and start playng with my cock in her face.

She said: - That's the best fucking time she was so exited making sex, that she like it very much...

Wath can i sayd? since then, i had dream about that sex couples of times...

Please, excuse me, but i'm Cuban and i'm not very good writing english...

c' ya

Hope you like one of my experiences..

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