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12/7/2005 8:17 pm

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some may call this barbaric but I have rediscovered the joy of choping wood. A freind harvested some plated pines and had cut down a few diseased red oaks in the process. Red oak is a beautifuly grained wood that splits like a dream in cold weather. I spent the afternoon cutting up the felled trees and then worked for several hours after sundown splitting the sections.

There is this strange satisfying crack that echos off the forest on the far side of the 100 acre cotton feild every time the maul (a weighted axe head) slams home through the wood. I got into a rhythm of swing after swing like a piston in an engine. The truck load was done in a about 2 hours. And I was sweating and shirtless in the 45 degree night air. There is something surreal about watching steam poor off your body.

I had a female freind that used to come over and just watch me chop wood. Really turned her on. I got a workout and a good time. Never could convince her to make love outside though...

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