What do I do now?  

rm_atstepchild 40M
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8/3/2006 12:46 am
What do I do now?

I know most of this question is not in my hands. A friend (with whom I have a serious interest, and there is a certain level of dynamic tension) and I went out tonight (actually in). We shot some pool, drank a couple beers and a couple shots of Jack. Don't get me wrong, it was not enough to get either of us drunk, not by a long shot. This would all be well and good, except she is married. They have been together for 5 1/2 years. She has never cheated on her husband. We got to messing around a little. Before I lead to incorrect conclusions, we did not have sex (per se). Throughout us talking while I gave her a backrub, with her dress still on, she said what she really needed was an orgasm. She has not had one in over 2 months, and is losing interest in her husband. Trying to do the right thing, I read the signals, went for 3rd base and helped alleviate that problem. It has no longer been 2 months. This brings us to the next problem, the big kahuna problem. She started freaking out that she was cheating on her husband, so I stopped. I was not at all worried about getting off myself. It has been so long since I had sex that that is not a priority for me. My recommendation to her was that she not tell him about the oral, at least not for a while. Think about her options and decide with a clear head. She is not certain that she wants to end her marriage, though she keeps saying that it is basically over anyway.

Some basic background:
She has not been happy with him for a while. He is older than her, enough so that energy seems to be an issue. They have tried counseling on a few occasions from what I understand, but it has never had much effect, and he usually stops going very soon. I don't want to portray the typical emotionally abused woman scenario. She is not without fault. Marriage is a two way street, and both people must be willing to cooperate, love and trust the other.
I know I'm a little fuddled right now. I have a lot to sort out in my head on the issue, because she wants to leave him for me, and I don't believe that is a good idea in and of itself. To make matters worse, he was home when I dropped her off, when he should have been at work. I had to drop her off a few doors down and her walk home.

I am sure I will hear a lot more about this, and what happened tonight after I dropped her off sometime tomorrow. I did not commit to anything. (I'm a guy, I have an aversion to commitment.) Even this is mostly because I do not know how to read the cards on this deal. I only told her that I would be here for her, either as a friend, confidant, or lover as situations dictated.

I realize I was wrong for going as far as I did, and am both sorry for that and not sorry. I realize I could have gone further, and she probably would have after she calmed down, if I had wanted to push the issue, but that would not be right. I always avoided married or involved women for just this reason.

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