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7/23/2006 8:25 pm

I'm still having issues with my roommate. She treats my house as more of a hotel. I told her before she moved in that I didn't want any of her friends staying here. She has ignored that a couple of times, and lately has just been staying elsewhere. When I try to talk to her, she disappears. I aggreed to let her stay to try to help her out of some situations she got herself into, but does not seem interested in fixing anything. Now she's complicating matters. I've been letting her use my car, and she is supposed to get her car back from Virginia Beach. I thought it was this weekend, but obviously not. The conditions of her using the car were that it had to be here when I need it to get the kids off to daycare and had gas in it so I didn't have to worry about running out. I had to track her down a couple of times to find out where it was before the time got critical, and she left it without gas a couple of times. General opinion among my friends (and me now) is that it has gotten to the point of she is now just using me. When she first moved in, she was not bad. She acted like she at least wanted to make some changes and get some things worked out. Lately, she is reverting back to the high school mentality of playing one guy against another and constantly trying to keep people on edge while looking like she is the one helping. I can't pin her down to talk and tell her that she has almost bought her way out. There have been several times where she would find out when I was going to be home, then conveniently not been there when I get home even though she said she would. I never gave her a house key, but she does still have my car keys until I can get them back. I don't like playing the asshole, but I am about out of options.
She is not even doing anything to help out around the house. She does not do the dishes, 90% of which are from her and her 1 year old daughter, does not help clean up, etc. She just disappears anymore. When she is home, she plays solitaire on the computer and that is it, besides playing phone games. I was being tollerant up until she started playing these games with her guy friends. She is going to have a war going soon, and I guess a couple of them are trying to take her to court now for custody issues of kids. That does not surprise me either, since she backed them into their own corners. The stakes of these games are going up, and my friends and family see it, probably clearer than I do, and they are on me pretty hard to kick her out. My family especially says I should just put her stuff on the porch and keep the doors locked.
I don't care for AC, and when she does come home, she cranks it down. I happen to like it in the 80's and 90's. She lived here before, and it was better then, but not by much. I don't intend to let this happen again, but I also don't want to leave people hanging when I can help. It just seems a shame to penalize some for what others do.

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