Ready For A Slowdown  

rm_atstepchild 40M
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8/29/2006 9:17 pm
Ready For A Slowdown

I see a little relief on the horizon. We brought on a new girl at work, which may help relieve a bit of my stress, since another person would be a great help. If nothing else, she would be a good secondary person, but I think she will catch on quick enough to be a maintainer on her own quickly. I had to set up a couple new email address through aol to help allieveiate some of the strain on my primary provider, wowway, which has a volume limit. I made one for work, and one for weddings, which I started doing. So, I have my primary provider, and a piggyback provider. The piggyback has 7 screen names. If nothing else, I can manually shift the mails from my primary to the appropriate secondary then delete them. I have one for karaoke, one for weddings, one for work, one for a couple online buy/sell/trade postings, and a couple general purpose. That just means more accounts I have to keep track of, I guess. What the hell, I am a computer geek anyway, it's what I do for a living.

My schedule got changed again. Instead of going down to Cincy on Wednesday, I pushed to just go down on Thursday to set up. This will make my life much easier anyway since I won't have to go down just to drop off a load, and come back. I know there is no way we would get much of anything done on Wednesday, so I figured we would wait and do it all in one fell swoop, and save myself 4 hours or more of pointless driving.

Now, if I can get some of the other tidbits to fall in place right, maybe I could entice a girl to be interrested in me. I'm getting frustrated with watching beautiful women degrade themselves to hooking up with trash, abusers, users and bums. A guy with a good job, great heart and passable looks can't get a girlfriend interested in more than his wallet, but quasimodo can get the hot chick? I don't get it.

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