Opportunities on the Horizon  

rm_atstepchild 40M
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7/21/2006 7:55 pm
Opportunities on the Horizon

I have a couple of potentials on the horizon, but I don't dare get my hopes up on any of them. Let's just say that my track record is far from exemplary. I would say that my greatest probability is the daughter of a couple that work for me. She is 24 (give or take LO, which is a little young for me, but not inconcievable. I've talked with her a few times and babysat her once. I have a draw towards her, but do not yet know if it is mutual. She is not repulsed by me, but that does not mean that she is chomping at the bit to date me either. She is gorgeous, which would be more of a detriment to chances of success, and she is looking at going off to the army in a couple of weeks. I have one girl on here that replied to a contact (will wonders never cease), but don't know how far it will go, or even the validity. I learned a long time ago Caveat Emptor on here. Most of the beautiful women who did contact me or reply to me were bots or scams. Needless to say, I am a little gun-shy of optimistic conjectures.

To make maters worse, I am having issues with a roommate. More to truth, she is bringing issues on herself and I fear the outcomes for her, which could easily spill over to me. We are not a couple, not by a long shot. Since she moved in, she has barely given me the time of day or barely spoken to me unless I force a conversation. She has a beautiful 1 year old girl living here, and a strained relationship with the ?father?. I kind of think she is trying to play a jealousy game with him, or just playing a game on herself. I'm not sure which it is at this point. Any way about it, Jealousy is a dangerous companion to flirt with. Even mild tempered individuals tend to rage out of control when backed into a corner by the green eyed monster. Luckily, I don't believe in it and consider it a worthless emotion. It brings nothing but harm and discord. Once those seeds are sown, the crops of distrust are never weeded out. I wish she would see the situations she keeps getting herself into and would realize that there is no easy escape from any of the nightmares she must live with. Worse yet, if the guys involved were to start feuding, it would be on my turf since she is staying at my house. She doesn't even show me the decency to keep it down when her and her boyfriend are going at it on the rare times that he is here. I'm living the celebate life (not by choice), and she's moaning away in the next room. I don't want to try to control her life in any way, but I also don't want it to interfere with mine negatively.

Time will only tell in the karma flow of the multiverse how everything will transpire. Right now, I am exhausted, but friends called and want me to join them at karaoke. I will stay for a short while, but have to get back early because I am whipped. I have to be up and out of the house in the morning before 8 to go to work. I won't get done tomorrow till almost 11 at night. Yet another 15+ hour day. Luckily it is easy work, with a couple stretches of driving.

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