Another Busy Week  

rm_atstepchild 40M
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8/14/2006 5:05 am
Another Busy Week

I don't expect this week to be near as bad as last week, but I think it will stay busy for a while. I'll spend a little less time traveling, which is a good thing when my van has 264000 miles on it. My roommate starts her new job today. She told me on her way out that she broke up with her boyfriend (or vice versa, not sure which) last night. Last night was also the first time I've slept with her in a while, since her cousin has been here also. We did not do anything, I just like to sleep with someone by me when I can. I ran into an ex that took a year and a half to get rid of and gave her a ride yesterday. The whole way, she kept asking why I got rid of her. Ironically, as soon as she got in the car, she started asking for money. Her needy attitude was one of the main reasons I did get rid of her. She would not do anything for herself, and wanted everything given to her. The sex was good, but sex alone will not keep a couple together.
I had better get to work so I can get where I am going on time. I hate these early mornings. I especially don't look forward to getting going when my partner called last night and said he would not be there till late. I can't say much about it because he is my boss. He doesn't seem to understand that the early time is really the only time I need him there at all. One everything is underway, I don't need a second person. This is nothing new, though.

I still have tickets to Cedar Point. I just need someone to go with. Each time I had someone willing to go, either they disappeared or changed their mind. You would think I am some kind of monster that I keep chasing them away like this.

This weekend was the one year anniversary of a good friend dying from cancer. She was the mother of one of my ex girlfriends. I was very close to her and actually knew her longer than her daughter.

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