The beggining of this journey...  

rm_atman888 34M
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6/1/2006 10:06 pm
The beggining of this journey...

So I've done a horrible thing. I've created a second blog. An Anonymus blog. A blog that shall hold my dirtiest secrets. And the best dirt there is to have on me. It's quite frustrating when your readers become so close that you forget that you can't write about them once they subscribe and read your criticisms.

I'm tired of the subterfuge, the idiotic coy games that everyone plays around the pink elephant in the room. I'm ready to keep it real. To espouse the true ideals I believe in, and the horrible filth of truth that I see.

I'm not always so hyper-critical, but the world around me is crumbling, and pretending it's not isn't going to do me or anyone any good.

It's time to be honest with each other. This world is ready for the truth that we all know that we want. If we never hold a mirror to our culture, it will fall into disrepair, and nature will find a way to destroy us. The true enemy is inaction and ignorance.

The fact is, there are real dangers in the world of today. People die every day with increasing frequency of bird-flu. Indonesia is constantly in need of earthquake assistance and aid. HIV/AIDS is wiping out entire generations of Africa and Southeast Asia. Children are eating out of trash bins and drinking water from puddles in the streets in North Korea. And where is god?

That is what so many people ask. That is why so many people ignore the truth. The truth of pragmatism... of reality. Until the lord comes down for judgement, or until we see another burning bush or ascending buddah... we are stuck with each other. With one another! We are in this together.

In our personal lives, we recognize the push and pull of resources between friends and family. The give and take that is required to get along. So what happens on the international scale? Why can't the globalizing trend hurry up and make us all neighbors and friends? What is wrong with what we are doing?

We are standing around looking up... we are looking at the infinity around us waiting for answers to our problems. Answers from God, answers from ET. Answers from everyone else around us. We need to start looking inward for answers. The inward truth that is the miracle of kindness, of piety, of justice. We need to help each other pragmatically and with our hearts behind each helping hand.

Step up, speak out today. Tell someone what you've read today, and tell them how you agree and how you disagree with what you read, make the day a little brighter by talking about the things that matter to us all.


jimbo7bi 60M

6/2/2006 6:58 pm

Ahhhh, Yes!! But your speech falls on deaf ears. Most people on this site think only of sex and hookups, not worldly problems. Such is life....

Hey!! Who was that masked man? You know, the one who was just trying to stimulate us into thinking!! ("Hi-Yo Silver----Away!") Why, It's the Lone Stranger! Geez, I hope he returns. I want to hear more of what he has to say!

Well, Mr Atman888, you've made my day a little brighter. Thanks.


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