Why Are Women So Freakin' Angry?  

rm_atlien2000 41M
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8/3/2005 7:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why Are Women So Freakin' Angry?

The most financially successful women seem to be so freakin' angry!!! What is this about? They have the careers, they have money but they don't have companionship and something tells me they are missing some vital internal emotional components as well.


Can't say I know what it is but they are so damn pissed at everything. This may be why they medicate so much with prescription drugs for 'depression' and why the ones that don't are near demonic.

Anyone have ideas/thoughts on the current state of affairs of the other sex?

This anger is vexing.

guynamedjim 58M
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8/3/2005 9:26 am

...I do, and gladly share them with you. For one what is being said and or mentioned about Depression. Depression can be actually biochemical imbalance yes, but also depression is also anger turned inward! Depressing thoughts relating to maybe disappointments of reality, and or lack of application of self to developing relationships. Depression fresters because usually we don't have the skills to dealing with reality and to correct the problems that seem all to real. Actually what is true is that what 90% is what we precieve things are, and 10% is what really is!
Now lets add all this to the equation of selfishness that is projected to everyone, and the war on family unit, and we are bring the picture much clearer now. True women are more relational. Maybe the notion of men needing to be men and not this feminine crap being sold. Because you know what it isn't worth a cent. I think both men and women are equally disappointed in relationships and the way things are panning out. GEE! you'd think this would be a piece of cake in finding someone? Instead it's like opening a box of spaghetti of problems and disfunctions. Someone please get be a doggie bag please.
True we all need to being careful with ourlives, but to we need to risk and not being so overlly paranoid of living life. Not all us guys are total pigs! Think we have learned to medicate ourselves to being vitually really disappointed, and or hunger to medicate to lose weight. Instead we need to learn to do the walk with others in this live. Everything is more than it seems, and hence we miss each other.

FUN happens, to many of us are missing in action! Having to many expectations missing the very people standing next to us. We are walking around with images of Hollywood stars in our eyes.

Instead of focusing on whats wrong with everything, try focusing on whats right with this person. No need to takes 2 more pills now, and no howling at the moon now. Chill and go for that walk this is your prescription for the day.

Ok Ladies all together now one foot infront of the other...You can do it!

BelleoftheBall03 47F

11/8/2005 8:10 am

To me work, career, and financial success can never replace the satisfaction gained from sucessful human relationships. My business achievements meant nothing to me compared to cooking a meal that my family loved. I had to ask myself why I was devoting so much time and energy on something that meant so little. Then I had to change my life to focus on what mattered to me. Each woman has a choice to do what makes her fullfilled. Making the right choice eliminates the anger...

rm_lickmepretty 51F
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11/18/2005 10:45 pm

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