rm_at_blackcat 53M
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8/3/2006 5:09 pm

Im a reasonably experienced guy and I've done MMF a few times in my life but would like to experience it again as I always enjoyed previous encounters.

I'm looking for a couple in their mid thirties to early forties who perhaps have never tried it and would like to with a guy who has and can offer them a no hassle no strings attached experience so they can perhaps find out for themsleves if they like the experience.

I'm straight but don't mind contact with men, open minded and also prepared to stick with any rules people may want and also be prepared to call off the encounter if people decide its not what they want to do at the last minute.

I'm quite prepared to meet a few times and get to know each other, have a laugh and talk about experiences of the world to each other.

Single ladies are welcome to contact me too.

I will be discreet and communicate promptly and also be prepared to listen to and consider any particular wishes, fantasies or whatever people want or I can provide my own.

I can be reserved and sometimes quiet but also quite vocal (I love to talk dirty!) and suggestive with the right people.

Contact me if any of that interests you.


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