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rm_asimplelad 50M
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8/13/2006 4:37 am
Body parts

As I surf this site, I see quite a number of very nice pictures of female genitalia in the profiles. No complaint about that.

In the real world, I can only imagine those parts on women I see in my daily travels. Especially theses past few years have brought a revolution fashions which seem to cover less and less. No complaint about that either.

One thing that strikes me as I quickly scan each woman I come in contact with each day is which body parts I focus onto to determine how "attractive" they are. The face is probably the most important. In particular, I start with the nose. It doesn't have to be perfect, or a partucular shape, but it needs to balance the other features of the face. I find it amazing hoe much difference even the minutest change in placement of a facial feature can make. Think about someone you know, picture their face, and then imagine how a 1 milimeter shift in the eyes, nose, mouth could make that person look completely different.
Once I studied the face a bit I go right down to the part that could be the "deal breaker" for me. The hands. Have you glanced at people's hands? It says a lot about them. Whether they do manual labor, it indicates how they keep themselves in general. Notice how the nails are done. Are they well manicured, ar just trimmed on the fly. Look at the skin, is it youthful, wrinkly, scarred, rough, supple? For me one of the biggest turn offs is a woman with big hands. I have decent size hands for my stature, but sometime I meet a woman who has huge hands, almost disproportionate to her body.
Those are my quick thoughts on body parts.

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