sorry to keep u waiting  

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6/14/2006 11:03 pm
sorry to keep u waiting

Well, things in my world are crazy as hell and since it's been awhile since I have post I have to stories for you. So, the last time I left off with when I first gave someone head and I really want you all to know that these stories are actually my memories and they really didi happen. if they are boring to some I am deeply sorry. so here i am home from From Atlanta. I spent a year playing at being a lesbian but, I still craved dick. and as much as I loved being in control when I had sex with women there were those times when I missed good dick. really there's nothing like it when I was in high school I was a rookie and I still didn't know what good dick was. well I'll fast forward a little and say I tried a lot of dick in the year of comming back home and by the time I was 20 I was pregnant with my daughter best thing that ever happened to me other than the birth of my son 2 yrs later. well any way I had made this promise to myself that I would never give a guy head. stupid right!! I was just dumb at the time I said that. but my daughter was about six months old when I hooked back up with a ex boyfriend of mine. now this may be kind of funny !!!! We were in my bedroom and my daughter was gone for the weekend so it's broad daylight and he wants to have sex we hadn't had sex but once before I had broke up with him and that was before I had my child. so I kinda forgot what it was like. I'm laying on the bed and he's sucking my nipples(which is jst one of my serious hotspots. my pussy getting wet and It's starting to throb a little he starts to finger me and i'm gyrating my hips a little while I play with my clit. (oh what a differance a year makes) After a few minutes I was horney as hell i wanted some seriously good dick. ladies you know how when your horney as hell during foreplay your heart starts to beat a little faster your pussy gets wet and it starts to throb so bad that you feel like your going to die if you don't have something to feel it. well i was at that point he starts to kiss me and while he's doing that he's pulling his pants off and putting on a rubber( I love life more than dick. do no glove no love) and all of a suddenhe stops kissing me and starts kissing my neck my legs are already apart because I was anticipating the dick. he's already in between my legs and then all of a sudden he pushes up and I feel something but but I didn't realize he was in me . it was that small and thin. he pumps about three times and then rolls off of me and i'm thinking what the fuck just happened and why do I feel like i blinked and missed it. he's like no baby i'm just getting started help me get on hard. I'm still thinking to myself that this is the worst moment of my life and i am going to have to call someone else to finish what he started. but i'm rubbing his dick with my hand and making a mental note to always inspect the goods before laying down again with anyone. and i notice that he's move up so I can kiss his chest and stomach I'm game. So I close my eyes and start to play with his nipples and kissing his chest and stomach and all of a sudden he moves back I open my eyes to see what's up and all I see is his little ass dick directly above my face and he starts to come down on top of me and I'm completely stunned I was frozen in place. I was saying thing s in my head like hell no and i don't do shit like this and I realized my mouth wasn't moving. he said are you going to kiss or what and I opened my mouth finally to tell him to go to hell and kiss my ass and he takes the opening and puts it in my mouth.I almost bite his shit but the true freak in me was like how hard can it be go one and try it. so I did my first time and I felt like a pro I relaxed my mouth a little and started to suck just slightly on his dick ad he started to fuck my mouth the more sounds he made the more i sucked by him being small i was able to take it all in my mouth and lick his balls at the same time. It was amazing because I was in control again and I lovesd it. right up until he came in my mouth. the spell wore off and ass i spit his cum on to my sheets. I started to cuss him completly the fuck out. I remember actually putting him out of my house that day and I didn't speak to him for a while. but I learned something that say. NEVER SAY NEVER!!

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