It's better 2 give than to recieve  

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5/20/2006 3:02 pm

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6/14/2006 11:10 pm

It's better 2 give than to recieve

Sorry to take so long with the second blog but, I couldn't think of what to say next. So let me give u a little background for what I am telling u today. i was 18 when i went away to Job Corps.( a all girl job corps) up until i went I had never ever thought about giving oral sex to anyone and I really never thought about sleeping with a female. to be honest I love dick!!! I thank god everyday for introducing me to it. but, i always had a little curiousity about females and what it would be like. I started going to gay clubs with a couple of friends from job corps. They were supposed to be taking me to see the drag queen show. anyway a couple of months after going I met this girl and she was kinda butch so my friends thought she would be perfect for a first time and to be honest I was not in the least bit nervous. We did this dance around each other for about a month before she invited me home with here. I was excited as hell. and I had no idea what to do once we got there. We went to her apt. and she lead me back to her bed room. I was just watching her she put on some slow music asked me to sit down and started to remove her clothes. looking back she didn't have the best body but, she was a female and so was I and that was all that mattered to me. we kissed and I took my hand and touch her breast. damn I was eager as hell to put my mouth on her breast. and kiss it. to run my toungue across her nipple. and I did that and more once her nipple got hard I started to suck it like a baby needing to be fed. She told me to bite it just a little and I did. she was moaning a little bit. I stood up a little and started to remove my clothes. she grab at one of my breast and started to work on my nipple. I was so horny I barely got out of my pants and underwear. I placed my hand on her pussy I was going on instinct at the time I played with her clit and fingered her because that's what I wanted and as long as she moaned and encouraged me I knew I was doing a good job. We laid on the bed and she opened her legs for me and I knew what she wanted I just assumed she would do me first or we would do each other that was when she told me that she didn't go down on females because she was a femme. (damn) so here I was with a girl who wanted me a first timer to do her and not get done. I was stuck at first she was laying there legs wide open waiting on me to taste her an all I could think about was how frustrated I ws going to be when this was over and I was still horny. So I'm sitting there halfway pissed and then this saying popped into my head that "It's better to give than to recieve." Corney right but, it's the truth. I quit stalling after that I took her into my mouth with no idea what I was doing and It was almost like i had been waiting my whole life for this she tasted good and I couldn't get enough of her I ran my tougue up in her like it was a dick. sucked her clit until it was swollen and listened to her moan and twist like she would die from all the pleasure. I can still hear her saying oh shit as she cam and how knowing she was comming made me eat her with a passion I couldn't get enough and I started to come all of a sudden it was so damn good that I didn't realized I wsa sucking on her clit while she was dripping doen my chin. I really didn't stop eating her until she begged me to. I had learned a very valuable lesson that night number one: I love being in control listening to a woman moans and feeling her nipples harden and her pussy swell in my mouth as she comes. and number two: It is better to give than recieve. ha ha!!

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5/22/2006 10:02 am

While I agree that it very very good to give especially first, reciprocity is also a very good thing. My goal has alwyas been to give at least as or better than I received and by giving first, to set the standard for future play.

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6/6/2006 4:13 pm

Hey, I like the same kinda stuff with a girl! *winking*
Welcome to blogging, asia. *smiling*

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8/4/2006 11:50 am

Hot story

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