Master of a Double Life  

rm_ashpuff 33F
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5/2/2006 7:27 pm
Master of a Double Life

I think alot of us can say that we lead double lives. I am one of them. Absolutely no one knows what type of lifestyles I have decided to par take in and I find that most thrilling. I have been seeing a man off and on for quite some time now. He has absolutely no clue what I do on our meet and greet weekends. He thinks I've went out with the girls for a weekend of shopping or something ludacris as such. If he ever asked I would be completely honest but what would he think? Most people think that swingers went out with the disco ball and bell bottoms. So what would they think about whole internet sites dedicated to hooking people up just for a little profit. You can get hooked up with Yahoo for free if you are willing to download their messenger program. You can even dedicated an entire web site about yourself with MySpace. The means are out there and ready to be taken advantage of. So how does one getaway with such behavior? That is entirely up to the deceiver. Do you want to lie to the one you love and risk being caught and branded a cheater? Or tell them the truth and by some chance they may want to join in. I would love to know how married couples that have an open relationship came to such a decision? Please share.

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