The Show Must Go On  

rm_artydawg 44M
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7/25/2006 8:29 am
The Show Must Go On

Everyday I wake up wondering what the world will throw at me. All in all, I live a pretty unhealthy life style. I eat once a day, I sleep 4 or 5 hours when I sleep. I don't have a normal sleep habit. One day I may go to bed at 10 in the morning, another day I may go to bed at 10pm.
Any way I look at it, it is not right. The only thing that I am not doing bad with are drugs or alcohol.

This is how I choose to live right now as I am single and have no one to be responsible to. If anything, that is the one thing that I miss about being in a relationship. There is something comforting about the thought that someone else is directly effected by the actions that you take. Has a tendency to make you think twice about choices you make.

But to get back on track, you have to look forward down that track. In life there is no reverse gear so the only thing that really matters in this world is what you do right now and in the future. The show must go on.

I am very stress free in my world. Which allot of people are envious and some just call me down right crazy. The comforts of life are just that, comforts. I have been wealthy, I've been poor. I've lived a life with a family and pets, trying to determine which model of washer/drier set to buy as my next major purchase. I've lived in a van, trying to determine if where I am parked is going to get me ticketed for trespassing. I've been in a successful rock band making a living. I've hawked everything I owned to put food in my mouth. The show must go on.

I am the poster child for the "been there, done that" club. But through everything that I have happened in my life, I don't stress on it. There is absolutely nothing that bad stress is going to fix. If I can't pay a bill on time because I spent the money for that bill foolishly, I simply make arrangements with my debtor on how and when it will be taken care of. The show must go on.

When my wife of 7 years divorced me, I couldn't sit and dwell on how I was a failure. I had work to do and it needed my complete attention. Sure, it left me hollow but I didn't stress over the Grief, I just learned from my mistakes and pressed forward. The show must go on.

If I keep going, this post will be longer than the Gettysburg Address. So I will open it up for comments or thoughts on how you deal with "bad stress".

Just keep in mind, no matter how bad things get, you always need to keep on truck'in. It's like the old cliche, The show must go on

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