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5/29/2006 10:42 pm

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bedtime story

once there was a young prince who didn't know he was a prince. he lived deep in the forest. The trees were so thick and their orange, yes, orange fruits were plentiful... but everytime the prince went to gather his meal, a group of nasty dark hairy apes came beating heavy drums and took all the fruits in reach.

the prince ate the tiny worms that crawled out of the ground evey night as the moon rose. not too tasty.

the prince one afternoon picked up his basket he had just made from the cattails that grew by the tree lined river. a fish sprang high out of the water and said, in a slurry watery tone..."she is coming! by boat that her father made for her" and fell with a flat smack back into the water.

the prince scratched his head in wonder. he had lived his life without anyone around for the most part. he didn't even remember who taught him to speak! how strange.

the cattail basket under one arm, the young prince made his way to the nearest clumps of the orange fruited trees. The apes moved in!

something in the prince's mind snapped and he roared like a lion, furious at the injustice these apes had committed for so long.

the apes, unaccustomed to the sound of the angry prince, fled in terror.

the young prince gathered the fruit, unaware of the soft rustle of the tiny feet that approached gently through the forest underbrush.

as his teeth peirced the flesh of the first of the orange fruits he had ever held, a sound as sweet as the small birds that ushered in the dawn sounded out..."I have come a long way to find you! By boat my father made for me. Come here, let me taste your fruit..."

awestruck by the fragile beauty of the girl, the prince held out the fruit. the girl tok it and daintily nibbled. She handed it back to the prince, who took a bite as well. a smile formed on the face of the girl who extended her slender hand. the prince took it and she led himto the river where a small corracle lay nestled in the furry cattail reeds. the two climbed onto the tiny round craft and the girl pushed off with her foot.
the vessel moved out of the shade of the trees in which the prince lived, into the sunlit center of te river. the current softly pulled the craft down stream. "we're going home to where you belong, my prince. and you are with me. we are going home"

rm_artist965 47M

5/30/2006 4:28 am

lol---first draft 2AM! thank you

palmgirl215 58F

5/30/2006 9:15 pm

My do not need a princess to lead you to your home. Your home dwells within...your mind, soul and being are so full of life and beauty. Thank you for sharing so freely.


palmgirl215 58F

5/30/2006 9:20 pm

My amaze me. You don't need a Princess to lead you home. Your home is within and filled with beauty, wisdom, strength, romance, being sensitive to all it's surroundings. Loved your vivid expression of "Your Bedtime Story" and look forward in hearing more.


sorry for the crued pic with such a beautiful story

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