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Daniel (Pt. 2)

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(continued from Pt. 1)
N_: Daniel it sounds like you are already planning this. Have you thought about me then?
Daniel: Yeah, we could keep it like a few times a year thing. I still want to have fun with you; we have some good fantasies together. I still think of seeing you in a nice black dress with pantyhose and black stockings over them. Seeing me push you to the bed and ripping a hole in the hose and taking you hard. Hearing you cry for help under my hand as I press deep into you "Shut up bitch or this will really hurt you" as I hit the back of your uterus; pounding you hard. "I know you like it, I feel your pussy tighten up on me, you want me to cum, you'd love me to cum wouldn't you bitch?” Grabbing your hands behind your back and pinning them there. Pulling your head back with your hair, I said “shut the fuck up bitch". Taking my belt and using it to hold a gag in your mouth and bringing the loose end down to tie on your wrists. Now I am thinking of how badly I want to see you in that school outfit of yours. And I still want to see you with another woman too.
N_: Yes, I was pretty sure you would still have that urge Daniel. You know, no one sends me porn anymore. It was fun on those nights when you just kept sending me stuff and we were chatting
Daniel: Chatting with and getting so horny. I still want to take you
N_: well, you know how I feel about you. You set the bar high for anyone else
Daniel: Will have to do some good planning
N_: that first night was pretty spur of the moment. I remember how excited we were looking at those maps and trying to figure it out
Daniel: yeah

Then we reminisced about the events of that evening.

Daniel: I still think you would love take a girl, you love to please and you get off tremendously from hearing others cum
N_: yes, a man's voice....a deep male voice moaning, attached to an Adam’s apple and strong arms and hands and a real penis!
Daniel: Feeling her soft legs wrapping around you, holding you in, soft kisses and moaning then the trembling and the moaning getting louder. The look in the eyes of GOD YES and that of helplessness as she can't stop now and everything is yours
N_: Oh Daniel, what am I going to do with you???
Daniel: I'm hoping on the threesome. That's what I'm angling for
N_: yes sweetheart I know. I may have to give you your fantasy
Daniel: WOOHOO!!
N_: but Daniel, you WILL have to get me drunk
Daniel: maybe sometime we'll have one long soft session
N_: I would love that. That's why I have to find someone...or a few someones. One guy just can't replace you. I need a whole bunch. For just one hour I would like to know what it feels like to have a real penis so I would know what a man feels
Daniel: Think of a big tingle in your crotch then the urge explodes and shoots out the end of your shaft, then sleepiness
N_: I loved watching you fall asleep. It made me feel like I wore you out
Daniel: You did. And I loved tearing through your pantyhose. I still have them and use them for playing with myself. Love the smell of them and thinking of how your pantyhose legs would feel rubbing on me
N_: oh, hey, I just got tested again. I'm still being very careful. I go to the gay men's clinic with my friend Joe when he is in town
Daniel: So it will be possible to just take you slow and clean without a condom. Feeling you quiver from the inside on me
N_: I would still be afraid but I'm dying to feel that. I came close to it one night but after a few strokes we stopped. That's as close as I've come in a long time
Daniel: I’m not sure I could do that with you, I would want to stay in. Afraid of becoming pregnant?
N_: actually it's been four months without my period now, so no. I think this is the end. I've had a few power surges but nothing like my co workers complain about with menopause. I've wanted this for a long time. Are you sure you wouldn't like to become a Mormon?
Daniel: You would have to become bisexual and share every love session so no one would get jealous of the other. Talk to you later gorgeous

Daniel : Busy entertaining?
N_ : It seems that everyone has free time now. I hit guy #100 yesterday. He was wonderful but I did not want to reach that number.
Daniel : Too bad I can't have you all the time here.
N_ : you'd get tired of me
Daniel : You're too kinky to get tired of. I like your open mindedness and you go out of your way to please me. You can be submissive or very dominant. I love the ability you have. I love to make you cum too. We like to please the other so much that we would do a lot. Plus I think you look gorgeous. You’ve got that naughty librarian look going for you. Nice on the outside, then you take off the glasses and you becomes a nymph
N_ : thanks
Daniel : What's your address? Your street and city address
N_ : Are you adding me to your Christmas card list?
Daniel : I sent you a Christmas present. Something for all you have done. Are you a little curious as to what I got you?
N_ : well, sure…but I will wait and be surprised
Daniel : I don't want you to go out and buy one in case you see it and think you might have to get it
N_ : you mean you actually bought me something?
Daniel : it's something more for us if you know what I mean. It's going to your address
N_ : then you must believe that we will continue to get together
Daniel : Hope

Daniel had ordered a special strapon that included enhancements to pleasure the person wearing it.

Daniel : Yes, did it because I want you to be greatly pleasured too. You've done a lot for me so I wanted to repay you somehow that you would like
N_ : you have no idea how much that means to me
Daniel : I love making you cum. We're two submissives that can play the dominant role to please the other. We both love to make the other cum over and over.
N_ : You were the one who really made me appreciate a man's body…to treat it like a beautiful musical instrument…I love to touch you, you are so responsive
Daniel : The harness comes with a 5" attachment, so you don't have to hold back at all. GO ALL OUT ON ME! Bent over on my knees with my hands behind my back, you pushing my shoulders down so my ass sticks up more, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as you take me
N_ : I think you have thought about this a lot lately
Daniel : YES I HAVE

Again we spent a long time going through the domination scenario with me as the aggressor. I really did get to be quite the pro at cyber sex with Daniel but I didn’t do it with others. We kept taking turns being the dominant and Daniel played both roles with no holds barred. If we ever did this in real life at this level, I’m pretty sure someone would be forced to call 911…

N_ : wow, we’ve been at this for four hours!
Daniel : I know! Night gorgeous

N_ : Happy New Year Hon
Daniel : And who did you do for New Years?
N_ : well, I'm going to have to go soon
Daniel : Ok, someone visiting? I will let you go then
N_ : not yet, he's got to drive from Capitol City and I already took a bath. There's something wrong with me isn't there?
Daniel : Yeah, you're too far away
N_ : but Daniel, this will be the third guy in the past 24 hours although so far the only one who made me cum is me. The first one couldn't and the second one didn't so I mostly just count that I've been kissing a lot. Nice rationalization huh?
Daniel : Busy little beaver, no pun intended. Need to get better performance
N_ : The guy who is coming is exploring his sexuality
Daniel : Exploring?? We're not exploring, we know what we like
N_ : Well I was exploring when I met you. I learned a lot from you about what I do like and you keep pushing me farther
Daniel : And you're starting to like it too
N_ : yes, and you knew I would. You have been very good for me
Daniel : even to the point of where you might do it without me
N_ : well, I did use the original strapon once after you
Daniel : I want you to have fun
N_ : you always liked to hear about my adventures
Daniel : Yes and I still do
N_ : well the guy I saw Christmas Eve was the guy I used it on during the late summer or early fall. He looked like a rock star, tattoos all over, long hair and a tall slender body
Daniel : And what made you think of that for him?
N_ : we were just sort of messing around to start and I mentioned the strapon in passing and he took my hand, took me into the bedroom and said, go for it. I was just trying to see what reaction mentioning it would have when he asked if I had any toys. He was extremely eager but it hurt again, so I am eager to try the one you are sending
Daniel : Smaller and more for your pleasure too
N_ : yes it was very thoughtful of you sweetie
Daniel : Merry Christmas…You can take for Show and Tell
N_ : oh Daniel you are sassy. I suppose I should go and get ready. What should I wear for him?
Daniel : Mmmmm, if you get dressed up. Take a few pics before. Love seeing you all done up
N_ : he's an amateur photographer but he’s very artistic
Daniel : Then he can take some good pics of you and you can email them to me
N_ : if he does...you know I will. He has mentioned it although almost every guy who has said that gets side tracked
Daniel : Let me see you in that black dress then with black thigh highs. I will let you go and have your fun. I will talk to you later and wait for your luscious pics
N_ : I will try to get him to take some, he seems pretty open. Big kiss

I went off to get dressed but Wil called because he got lost.

N_: Hi, I’m back. We ran into a bit of a snag here
Daniel: What happened, or are you talking about your stockings?
N_: he got off on the wrong exit so the guy is about 100 blocks too far west. My shower hasn't been working so I've had to take baths instead and now the water in my bathtub won’t turn off!!!
Daniel: A little delay
N_: just a bit…but I felt funny putting on the black dress in case the landlord has to come up here
Daniel: A little too slinky is it?? And how good looking is the landlord? Maybe you should try for a rent free place
N_: he’s married
Daniel: That didn't answer the question
N_: He's lost again. brb I'm talking him in. He has never been to Metro City. He's here now and parking his car.
Daniel: Happy New Years then
N_: gotta buzz. If I get a chance to change, I'll put the dress on for you

Daniel offline 10:37:20: Hello gorgeous, LOVE THE DRESS!! Thank you
N_ : oh Daniel, he burned me a CD with lots more pictures we took...and tonight he came back to visit again! What a great way to end a vacation!

Daniel: Invisible? What’s the problem?
N_: I didn't want to be interrupted
Daniel: With who??
N_: the photographer, I have so many photos for you. Oh and thanks for the present hon!
Daniel: MAIL AWAY!!!! And have you tried on the present? And how was it for you??? Fit good then? TELL ALL
N_: Daniel I can't wait to try it out with you. Oh yes, and very nicely made. The photographer was here last night and has invited me to come to his place tomorrow for over night
Daniel: Being very busy lately
N_: yes, he seems to like to take pics of me. Daniel, would you be upset if I tried out your gift? He says he will help me use it, but if you don't want me to I won't
Daniel: No have fun with it, that's why I got it for you. Have fun with it, test it out. Clean it good is all I ask.
N_: I have to tease you with some pics…what to send, what to send
Daniel: ALL!!
N_: there are 150 of them!. He burned me a CD and gave it to me last night
Daniel: I have cable
N_: can I have him send them to you? He has cable also
Daniel: Sure, but could you send at least a couple
N_: he'll e-mail them to you if you want
Daniel: ok
N_: ok, I just wanted your permission. He wants to know do you have WinZip.
Daniel: But of course
N_: he's sending the ones in the black dress first. He knows those were for you. You have no idea how cool this is to be in between two men who are so similar in eroticism, almost like my fantasy of two men, but not
Daniel: Are you talking to him online?
N_: yes, do you like them????
Daniel: YES
N_: my friend Joe from NY is coming over and we are doing karaoke, so I have to go now but I will give you more if you want tomorrow
Daniel: Ok, Yes please

Daniel: And what have you been up to lately
N_: oh sweetie you have no idea. I want to send you a CD
Daniel: Go ahead, I won't mind a bit. And what are you up to tonight? No one cumming over later tonight
N_: not tonight. I've only seen the one guy all month
Daniel: The same one over and over
N_: I slept there Friday night and I hung out with him Saturday. I really like having someone steady for a change.

Daniel: And have you been behaving yourself lately???
N_: Did you get the CD?
Daniel: YES I DID, THANK YOU!!! And how do you like your new toy?
N_: Yes, thank you so much. I bought a new one too, a pulsatron
Daniel: What's that? What's that do???
N_: it vibrates to different pulses. It's attached to a bullet and it has different rhythms and intensities. If it has a jack plug on it, you can plug it into this controller but right now the only thing I have is a bullet. I've seen this guy a lot since I met him so I haven't even seen anyone else
Daniel: Busy girl
N_: yep, but he likes to have sex with me go figure
Daniel: SO DO I
N_: I've told him all about you. I told him you were the one who sent the strapon. He really wants to photograph me with someone. He knows you are as kinky as him. I think he would love to watch me with you

I enjoyed Daniel’s suggestions much more this time because he kept mentioning the words loving and slow. I did want to experience that with him. I never realized that I had absolutely no intimacy before in my life. Wil and I would do all sorts of kinky stuff, and then snuggle up together. He's taught me a lot about how to be with someone. Of course talk eventually did swing back to me being the aggressor but in a much more loving way than our last several conversations. Lots more talk of silky legs wrapped around his head and such.

Daniel: just cleaning up…Towel in hand
N_: oh I would have loved to help
Daniel: You did, trust me…mmmmm…night gorgeous

On Palm Sunday, a very nice looking long haired guy took me to church. I had wanted to experience a real Latin mass again and he said he would take me to one.

Kids in church have really gotten out of control. It used to be you took a little soft book and maybe a few Cheerios to keep them quiet. I went to a mass the other day and parents were hauling in picnic baskets and crates of Legos! I can sort of see why the parents did that. That priest was so old they had cue cards for him and a prompter. I think at one point he even fell asleep. Lucky for us it was a high mass and the bells woke him up. I did think the people playing cards in the next pew was a bit much though.

After church he took me to breakfast and then we went back to my place. Every time I found a guy who was at least interested in church he was more interested in bending me over the pew than in the sermon, so I gave up on looking for spiritual men.

Daniel: And so what are you doing on the night of the 27th? We could meet at our regular place if you like
N_: lol, we have a regular place? Actually that would work out great
Daniel: Know what I would love to see you in?
N_: it keeps changing, whatever it is I hope it still fits
Daniel: That little school girl outfit you have
N_: somehow I knew you were going to say that. So what time do you think you can be there Thursday?
Daniel: hopefully by 6
N_: I'll be able to check in, take a nap, and a long bath by then
Daniel: Call you from the hotel phone, and find out what room you're in and make my way. I pretend I’m looking for friends and come to the wrong room. You open your door all done up and you talk me in. Then lock and bolt the door, tackle me down on the bed face down, tie my hands behind my head with your necktie and then use me. I would love for you to have on pantyhose underneath your thigh highs, you make me rip through them with my teeth and force yourself onto my face. I want you to keep that outfit on the whole time too, seeing you with you breasts bursting through your half way unbuttoned shirt
N_: my, you have thought about this haven't you hon?
Daniel: YES! After you are satisfied then you put on your toy and take me. I can see you with me all naked, nothing on but my shirt that you have pulled up over me head and down to my tied hands, helping to keep me bound. No, please mommy, don't hurt me. I'll be good mommy
N_: I would prefer if we could use something other than mommy, Daniel…is that ok with you? I just get a bit creeped out since I actually was a mommy at one time
Daniel: You can make me call you anything you like. I can call you ma'am to start out with and you can punish me for it
N_: I'll figure something out. I can't have a bossy little sub can I? I have to keep you in your place

The last I heard from Daniel was an offline message on the Thursday we were to meet that said “Hi Gorgeous.” Then nothing. I knew I was taking a chance going down there without a confirmation, but I needed a road trip and I took along my iBook and my homework just in case. As it turned out, my instincts were correct about Daniel not showing up. I got dressed up and treated myself to a nice meal and a glass of wine in the hotel restaurant. Then I watched Pearl Harbor and did some homework.
Mostly I was worried that something had happened to Daniel. It could have been anything from an on the job injury, to getting busted making plans with another woman, or a car accident. I was hoping he got caught, and then at least he would be ok.

I knew the nature of online relationships. When I first started meeting guys online, I thought I got stood up one night by a Grandville cop. I waited over an hour at a coffee shop where I had met several other men. I’m sure by now the people who worked there thought I was a pro of sorts. Anyway, a month later I saw him in the chat room and was going to give him a little grief about standing me up. Before I could, he practically shouted me down in there to tell me he had just gotten out of the hospital after tearing his leg up chasing a perp through a construction site the night before we were to meet and that he had been dying to get hold of me but couldn’t. That was when I realized how the virtual world worked. We didn’t really exist for each other outside of e-mail and text messaging. I might never find out what happened and because I felt a special connection to Daniel, this hit me very close to home.

More than six months went by without knowing. If Daniel had been injured or killed, there would be no one to tell me. There wasn’t another soul who knew that I would grieve deeply for this man. Even he wouldn’t have known that.

October 4, 2002
Daniel: How have you been?
N_: worried. What happened?
Daniel: I was with my girlfriend and she found out
N_: that is what I thought. I was just afraid maybe you got hurt on the job or in a car accident
Knowing he was ok was good but I admit it did piss me off that he didn’t at least let me know.

N_: I met someone at the end of May.
Daniel: Where's he from and how old?
N_: He lives closer to you, so needless to say I do not get to see him too much, he’s 28 Daniel: oh and does he have some fun fetishes
N_: He loves my stilettos and is very submissive Daniel: I like you in them too. And do you use that toy on him too?
N_: He's not quite ready for that but he likes the pulsatron. There are some things he’s not into but I am in love with him. He's so funny and he thinks I'm hilarious
Daniel: That's good
N_: so you have been a good boy since March huh? Daniel: Yeah. Been working too much not to be.
N_: I was disappointed back then but was more worried about what happened
Daniel: She about found out and put 2 and 2 together so I didn't go. Luckily it smoothed out N_: I mostly see guys I've already met now. I try not to add on to the number too much
Daniel: No more expansions
N_: well.... some. Rick is still looking, and he knows I'm not a nun when I can't see him. So far he's not finding anyone he likes better so I keep hoping
Daniel: At least you're honest with each other N_: oh yes. brutally so. He surprised me on Labor Day Eve at 2am but I was dressed up waiting for someone else so I got busted too. Only he apologized for not calling
Daniel: Dressed how??
N_: short black skirt, black camisole, high heels… not exactly your typical 2am outfit. Three minutes later I had to tell the guy I was going to meet that I couldn't. I was so freaked to buzz him in and open the door to find the boyfriend! I felt so guilty and yet we aren't exclusive
Daniel: What did you do with the other guy
N_: he called on the phone for final directions and I had to tell him what happened. About a day later I got a chance to really apologize and he still wants to meet me but I don't think I will now. There is a guy I've seen several times now that has become a friend with benefits. Actually, there are two of them.
Daniel: And I'm still trying to get you with another woman too
N_: you are not, you forgot all about me
Daniel: Didn't forget, just couldn't
N_: it's ok, just as long as you are all right, that was all I cared about. I just wish you would have let me know
Daniel: I'm looking at your CD now, looking at the pics you took of yourself the night we first met
N_: I was thinner then. That was a fantastic night. I will never forget it
Daniel: Haven't even thought of using your toy on Rick yet?
N_: he is not quite up to that but he loved the pulsatron and the bullet. He likes to have his balls tortured. I do stuff to him that would kill most men
Daniel: Was never up for that
N_: hey, my paramedic friend had a sort of heart attack while we were having sex. That was scary plus he's only 28. I remember him telling me a while back that he had a condition but he was enjoying it right up to that minute. He said it was his first attack in four years so... I guess I have a lethal pussy
Daniel: So you were on top giving it good then? N_: Yes, his body is very much like yours, slender and very well endowed, except you didn't have any attacks
Daniel: And do you take him like I've always wanted you to do me?
N_: no. I'll just hold that in reserve... I did tie the boyfriend up good though
Daniel: Still have that fantasy burnt into my head
N_: I know. Oh I have to tell you something though. Rick really wanted to have me domme him. I had on the black satin corset, black lace top thigh highs, the black patent stilettos, leather collar and wrist band and cat-o-nine-tails outfit and was standing there all stern when he walked into the apartment. I was so ready to be as strict as I could. So he comes in, takes one look at me, says, "Aww. look how cute you look!" "All ready in character!" and he lifted me up and kissed me.
Daniel: Can't blame a man for getting horny over how good you look
N_: I said, "Look, I'm trying to be all stern here for you" and he said, I know, you are so cute!” It’s kind of hard to domme a guy who has picked you up off the ground! LOL But I spanked him after that.
Daniel: Maybe you need to be the one bent over and spanked for a change
N_: I still have that take fantasy of you doing me burned in my mind too. All dressed up really nice for a romantic evening starting off really nice with lots of kissing and then you get rough Daniel: Yeah, but who knows, maybe sometime
N_: it's just good to hear from you again hon

I heard from Daniel again at Halloween but most of the conversation was about Rick. Every guy I met had to listen to me talk about Rick. I’m sure that sucked for a lot of them.

Daniel: Enjoying your Christmas vacation?
N_: I have been back in the game lately. Happy New Year by the way
Daniel: Happy New Year. Get any the other night?
N_: not for real since Saturday night, but quite a bit over the break. I'm still bruised from one guy. I had to explain that when Rick, who I thought dumped me, wanted to see me Saturday night. He was just pulling away because I was too serious about him. Once I got back to reality, he was ok. I rode him like a pony and dug the heels in deep
Daniel: Where's my ride???

Daniel: Hello pretty lady
N_: how are you?
Daniel: Good and you
N_: well getting dumped wasn't fun although he says he's not dumping me
Daniel: Heard more from him?
N_: every day he calls and we talk on line but it’s still very confusing. I just sort of try to act like nothing's different just in case it doesn't work out with her
Daniel: So are you behaving online?

Daniel hadn’t lost any enthusiasm for our online playing and soon we were replaying a scene with him on his hands and knees with his hands tied behind his back.

N_: I have 100 feet of rope here plus eyehooks, and turnbuckles. I'll tie you up all right Daniel: What else are you going to do to me all helpless?
N_: I think you would enjoy being completely wrapped up in saran wrap. You would not be able to do a thing
Daniel: Just sit there and be your little toy for the night
N_: till you could do no more; all wore out. I might have to gag you though so you couldn't scream
Daniel: Yes, but that might deny you some satisfaction from my moans
N_: you are in a mood aren't you hon?
Daniel: Always in the mood to get taken by you. Night gorgeous
N_: take care Daniel...
Daniel: Did you have a good time at the wedding? N_: oh yes, I danced with this hot fireman. Did you get the photo? It was dark in my apartment but I had to prove I caught the bouquet. I got online with Rick right away and he called to tease me about "pressuring" him with the bouquet.
Daniel: You will have to send some of those other pics when you get them. You know how I love seeing you
N_: ok, here's a question.. If a man wanted to pull away from a woman, would he ask her to do work for him? Wouldn’t that keep her closer? Daniel: Would keep her in touch
N_: that's what I thought.

This was when Rick decided he wanted me to work on a project with him.

Daniel: What did you buy??
N_: nothing, I could not find white high heels Daniel: Now you have me thinking of you all done up in white, innocent, tied and helpless. Now I am getting all horny!!
N_: Sweetheart you are always horny
Daniel: And if you were here, you would be worn out. You need to be tied down and taken
N_: I could use it. It’s been quite a while. I need something. Anything
Daniel: I would love to give it to you long and slow. Just let you lay back and enjoy as I lick over and over
N_: I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. Hey, quit teasing
Daniel: Then after licking for about 30 minutes, sliding into you
N_: Daniel... you are so bad
Daniel: Feeling you constrict around me. Warm and wet as I push all the way in, then giving little thrusts in but yet not sliding out any farther. Hearing you moan as you cum over and over from it and then letting myself cum, shooting up inside you. I would love to make love to you for a long time
N_: it's been a long time since I saw you Daniel: Maybe with those new white heels you want to get
N_: if I get them. I haven't found any I like yet
Daniel: You've teased me too much just mentioning them
N_ : my graduation is tomorrow
Daniel : Are you all ready
N_ : I have a tiny bit of cleaning to do before my daughter comes
Daniel : Hiding of toys? Does she know how kinky you are?
N_ : did that… no, she knows about Rick, not the 100+ others
Daniel : Does she know of your preference for younger men?
N_ : yes, she thinks I'll grow out of it but we know different don't we?
Daniel : So no more fun for tonight then
N_ : no, I wish Rick was coming up. I would like them to meet
Daniel : Do you think she would be able to handle meeting him?
N_ : yes, and my mom could handle it also. I've been preparing her but it probably won't happen Daniel : When does she come in?
N_ : midnight
Daniel : Can still sneak a quickie in
N_ : with whom????
Daniel : Wish me
N_ : aww, I would love that but a quickie with you has to be at least 5 hours Daniel. I have been very restless. It’s been almost two months Daniel : You need to cum down here so I can take care of you sometime
N_ : I put my pic on a bondage site
Daniel : Which pic?
N_ : the one you inspired with me on a chair in the black corset and cat of nine tails
Daniel : I get to take credit for corrupting you N_ : yes and such a sweet looking face...boy I remember how excited I was driving to meet you the first time. what a great night
Daniel : Yes it was, NEED TO DO IT AGAIN

Daniel : Any chance of you coming down here? N_ : probably not. I can't afford hotels. I have tuition to pay
Daniel : What if the hotel was paid for?
N_ : it would be so much nicer if you didn’t have to sneak. brb laundry. Even sex goddesses have to wash sheets
Daniel : I could get a hotel room early Friday afternoon after work. Still would love to have some little blonde I know from here in the room with us, even if it is just for her to watch you take me.
N_ : I'll bet you would and may I bring Rick as long as I'm in the neighborhood?
Daniel : Still not sure if I could handle a guy watching me tied and taken
N_ : see.... that's how I feel about another woman
Daniel : I know
N_ : We do fine when we are alone but we are not as kinky as we think are we?

Daniel: What are you up to today?
N_: I have a speaking engagement. I'm not just the speaker, I'm the topic! Rick says just to imagine them all in leather straps and dog collars
Daniel: And what do you plan to talk about and why are you talking?
N_: I'm supposed to talk about me. That is what they are interested in, my career using computers. Hell, Daniel, didn't you know? I'm famous! I used to design for Silicon Software, a minor claim to fame but impressive to them. They put "Don't miss a fun filled evening with N_... they have me billed as a computer and art teacher, former stand up comic, and published graphic artist
Daniel: If only they knew…

Daniel: Have you been behaving lately?
N_: nope, I gave up on Rick so I'm back in play Daniel: And when do you plan to play this way? N_: I don't know, I met a new guy who might have long term potential. He’s from here, 35, and a city worker

This was just another one night stand. As much as I wanted a relationship with someone, it eluded me. Men would out and out lie to me about wanting something ongoing. It became very disturbing and disappointing and I wanted to be so angry with Rick for making me go through this again, but for some reason I couldn’t feel anything for him but the love I’d had from the moment I met him.

Daniel: When are you coming down here sometime so I can take you any way I want to? Get down here and you'll get tied up. I'm feeling pretty horny right now looking at your pics and I need to take you good
N_: I'm going to Crosstown Saturday to see my Spring Break ’01 friend. I've been stood up three times in the past week; Friday, Saturday, and today
Daniel: You need to move closer. You will have a good time this weekend at least. I still need to see you
N_: well so far you can't manage it! LOL That's why I'm driving four hours. We will mostly just be playing and laughing our butts off. He and I get along really well. Is every freaking man taken?
Daniel: no, just the ones that you want.

Daniel: Hey there pretty lady. I might be able to get up there around Christmas time. I’m not sure if I would feel too submissive, not feeling like it right now. Do you think you could take being my bitch for the long night???? You might end up and out of a couple outfits before the night is done. So you might be getting worked over hard some weekend. I want at least one more good time with you or a chance to do something we missed before
N_: Ah, a farewell reunion. I had a farewell reunion in August and that went so well he wants to see me again. Don't you know a guy you could send my way?
Daniel: Me

Daniel: Hello there pretty lady
N_: oh my goodness, where have you been???
Daniel: Have you been behaving yourself?
N_: yes sir. I’ve been busy with school, lost my job and going to visit NV to meet someone
Daniel: Lost job? Sorry to hear that
N_: they divided it into 2 part time jobs so they won't have to pay benefits, so I'm looking in the southwest
Daniel: Going somewhere warm. So who's this new guy? What’s he like?
N_: he's a quadriplegic
Daniel: does he have a good tongue for you?
N_: he says so. He says he can have sex, he just can't walk. I guess it depends where the spinal cord injury is
Daniel: My cousin did a residency in a disability dorm during college. Everyone in the dorm was in a motorized chair, and most were quads. When are you heading down there to visit?
N_: over Easter break
Daniel: he must have a good sense of humor or you wouldn't like him
N_: yes he does plus he's very sweet, sending me cards and stuff. We amuse each other. His hands are not that strong or coordinated although he types fast. That will be difficult for me because I really like hands... There does seem like a lot of potential for just genuine affection and pleasing and when it comes right down to it, I really want someone to fall asleep with and wake up to. He says I will always have a place to sit
Daniel: as he wipes his face
N_: I meant the chair!
Daniel: Sure you did
N_: I'm not going to see anyone till I meet him, so I haven't been with anyone for about a month. The last one was the young guy who lives downstairs
Daniel: so I should call off going up to surprise you
N_: oh you were not going to do that anyway.You were supposed to do that during Christmas and then you disappeared again. What's up with that?
Daniel: Guilt can get ugly. I wanted to, but not sure about how I would feel after
N_: oh Daniel, just go get married and be done with it. If you feel that guilty about seeing someone else, you must care deeply and surely by now you have gotten her used to your other needs
Daniel: Marriage is like handcuffs, fun at first, and then you find yourself restrained
N_: well I will probably relocate anyway, even if it doesn't work out with this guy.
Daniel: still would love to make you my bitch in that school girl outfit
N_: yeah, that thing will probably never get used again
Daniel: never say never. I still have dreams about you in that
N_: well Daniel I would have loved to see you again, but it doesn't look like that will happen
Daniel: probably not, but one can always dream

Daniel: I just have to chat with you from time to time and get out all the dark thoughts I've been having for awhile. I will have to make sure about seeing you again before you head out to NV and who knows, maybe someday I could come out and visit you out there
N_: I'm so sick of wearing my winter coat, I want to wear my dresses
Daniel: Now there's that thought of you just in a winter coat and nothing but stockings and heels underneath.
N_: I haven't worn anything sexy in a while, it's been too cold. The last guy I was with I wore just thigh highs and stilettos under my dark green velvet robe
Daniel: I know if I got up there, you'd be in and out of a lot of outfits and getting taken hard for wearing them, and I would not stop till you were worn out, I know every time you got into something else, I would be hard as hell
N_: I'll bet you would and we would have quite a mess
Daniel: You have me so wound up, I can't type, I look at your pics just from your profile and get hard from them. Seeing you in a dress and my mind wanders. I know what it would be like if we lived together, I could see you just pushing me down and making me lick you whenever the mood hit you, about 10 times a day
N_: It’s really important to me that we stay friends though no matter where we end up
Daniel: or what position
N_: if I change my screen name, I will let you know
Daniel: I know you had trouble with the Pakistanis
N_: this name sure took care of that
Daniel: One thing you'll have to do when out there is take a few pics for me from time to time so I know what I'm missing. You'll have to get tanned and show me your tan lines
N_: I'm going to stay white and protect my skin
Daniel: Ok, then just prove to me that you have no tan lines at all
N_: I wish I were thinner though like when we first met. Damn menopause. Those photos were my favorites. I think that is one of the reasons I am going out there also, to get in shape and stay that way. I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm at least
Daniel: So when I come out to visit you can show off and tease
N_: do you travel to the southwest?
Daniel: not yet, but it looks like I might have a good reason sometime in the future
N_: well I'm optimistic about this coming week, but I'm realistic, so I might end up on Las Vegas Match Finder in a few months
Daniel: You might find someone you like. If not, I'll try to get out there from time to time for you. Either way, we will still be friends, Naked or clothed

Daniel: You made it back ok I see
N_: yup. Late Saturday night and two bizarre things happened
Daniel: what?
N_: well the first one was when I was in a rather intimate activity with my quad friend out in NV and my cell phone rang. I had to answer it because I thought it was my ride home from the airport but it was Rick. He thought he would come see me so I had to tell him I was in NV!. I never expected to hear his voice again and it really surprised me.
Daniel: would have been more of a surprise if he went to your place and waited for you to come back
N_: well he has come up here unannounced but he's seeing someone now, so I think he would probably just "visit.” Then the second thing was my phone was ringing as I came into my apartment late Saturday night and it was the young guy from downstairs who happens to be the last guy I slept with before I met the guy from NV. My life is just damn ironic
Daniel: You need someone like me to talk to, not everyone is...kinky. So did you get a welcome home from the downstairs guy?
N_: I passed, it was after midnight and I was not ready for sex
Daniel: Not ready for sex...you feeling ok? Need me to make a hot bath for you?
N_: well I could have used a hot bath at that moment. I was thinking he might call last night but he didn't
Daniel: Did you want him to call?
N_: well he's pretty nice and it's usually pretty decent sex, nothing outrageous
Daniel: Could have gone down there and made him yours. Go and knock on the door, when he answers, grab him and force him up to your place and then fuck the hell out of him or is that just one of my fantasies with you?
N_: that might scare this guy. I don't need someone to take out a restraining order on me!
Daniel: I feel like doing you real slow tonight, laying you down, sliding in you all the way and slowly rocking back and forth without pulling out any, kissing and rubbing you the whole time I lay on top of you, seeing how many times I can get you to cum before finally releasing myself inside you.
N_: damn it Daniel, get up here!
Daniel: You have me good and hard just from that little bit of writing myself. You might have to suck on my nipples to get me hard then cuddled back onto for a long night of love. You might have to wear a few outfits to keep me up from time to time, but still will take you slow. You know how I get excited about lifting up a dress
N_: I have a closet full
Daniel: Still need to get a hold of that hot school girl
N_: well she lives here
Daniel: But think I want the gorgeous classy teacher first
N_: she lives here too
Daniel: might have to find out who else lives there and needs a soft touch for awhile
N_: there are a lot of us
Daniel: Have to promise that when we do it that way, you have to keep me going all the time you want, even if I can't cum any more, keep me going for you. Might want to get 4 or 5 extra pairs of pantyhose for that night so if I start to soften up on you, you can put on a pair with a new outfit and wiggle in front of me to get me up and ripping a hole to slide in you again
N_: I have tons of them
Daniel: Have you sit on the edge of the bed, so I can run up your legs with my tongue, lick you off first with your pantyhose still on, then rip a hole in them and lick you again to make sure you're good and wet, then lay you down, take off my clothes and make my way in you
N_: DANIEL, GET UP HERE!!!! NOW!! I would love to spend hours with you and spend the night too
Daniel: Might be quiet for a little while, in case I don't type, I'm enjoying that thought
N_: awwww This isn't fair

Daniel: Behaving yourself?
N_: I haven't been with anyone since Rick came here
Daniel: And I need to see you before you leave too
N_: yes you do
Daniel: Now you're making me want to get you pregnant, or at least try all night
N_: wow, you could try all you want
Daniel: trying to think of what all I would want you in.

Daniel listed all the different looks he wanted for me from Librarian to elegant woman out on the town. It was more than two years since I’ve seen Daniel and he was still reminiscing about our first night and wanting to give me a night an ”Alzheimer’s patient would not forget.”

N_: this isn't fair, I have no one to jump over here
Daniel: You want the 30 yr old that will slowly take you all night? We would definitely have to buy stock in pantyhose if you lived closer. You still have my kinky and dark side all to yourself
N_: I get pretty lonely. It's not easy being a sex goddess
Daniel: Poor diva
N_: being sexy sucks sometimes
Daniel: hard being adored
N_: it's hard when it's always from afar...
Daniel: We can work out something when you drive to NV. You will have to come this way won’t you?
N_: Hmmmmm, great idea! I would love to see you again.

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