The Lesson...  

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6/10/2006 8:31 pm
The Lesson...

I opened the gate and walked into the courtyard. The sun was blazing down on the concrete, and reflected off the water of the oval pool in sparkling ripples. Then I saw her. She broke the surface of the water like a river goddess, head back, eyes closed, back arched. Her black hair gleamed in the sunlight as water cascaded down it, onto her shoulders, and formed rivulets down her beautiful, milky white skin. She opened her beautiful brown eyes as she gasped for air, and then focused them on me, making me stop dead in my tracks. I was under her hypnotic spell, eyes locked with hers for what seemed like an eternity. Then she broke her lips into a beautiful smile and asked if I was ready to teach her to swim, and I suddenly became aware of the stirring beneath my swim trunks, only hoping she didn't notice. After a few seconds, I found my voice and told her yes. I took my shirt off over my head, and noticed her eyes lingering on my muscles as they rippled beneath my skin. Stay proffessional, I thought to myself as erotic thoughts tried to push their way into my head. I stepped into the pool and the cool water lapped against my skin, as I made my way to where she stood. I told her to relax, to trust me and had her lay on her stomache, as I slid my hand under her belly, holding her above the surface of the water. I was lost in her beauty as I guided her, having her practice strokes and kicks through the water. Finally, I reluctantly let her go, and swam to the shallow end of the pool to wait against the wall and let her swim to me. She looked at me with a smile and swam through the water, using all the techniques I had taught her. Reaching me, she stood up in the water in front of me and smiled, telling me I was a great teacher, and that she wanted to repay me for all my efforts. I started to open my mouth to say it wasn't neccessary, when she brought her face up to mine, wrapped an arm around my neck, and pressed her lips softly against mine. Her wet skin pressed against my body, her lips moving against mine, sending me reeling into passion. My large cock was growing, and she slipped a hand beneath my shorts and fondeled my manhood, coaxing him into erection. She brought her mouth next to my ear and whispered that she could hold her breath for a very long time, then looked at me with a mischevious smile as she slipped my trunks off. Slowly she submerged below the surface, and I felt her lips wrap around my throbbing cock, forming amazing suction on my shaft. I gasped with pleasure, and braced myself against the wall, gripping it with one hand, as my other hand went below the surface and grabbed a handful of her silky, flowing hair. She stayed under for what seemed like hours, sucking my hard cock, then came up to the surface, water spilling down her, gasping for air. With another breath, she sumberged herself again and found my large cock. She continued this until I could take it no longer, a fire building in my loins. I brought her up to the surface, and kissed her passionately, my dick throbbing. Then I turned her around and leaned her over in the water, my dick probing her tight pussy lips, slowly filling her up all the way. She gasped from the feeling of my large cock stretching out her pussy. I grabbed a handfull of her wet, silky hair, and pulled her head back, placing my other hand on her rounded ass and started rolling my thumb inside her tight, pink button, as I slammed my throbbing dick in her pussy. She moaned as she moved with me, rocking back and forth with my cock. I gasped her name as I felt a building pressure inside the core of my body. Every muscle tensed as I felt myself losing control, reeling into sweet exctasy. I released myself like a flood gate, exploding with exctasy. Her pussy convulsed and tightened on my cock, as she lost herself in wave after wave of orgasm.

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