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7/20/2006 9:07 pm

I would come up behind you, slip an arm around your waist, and lean in to your neck taking in your luxurious scent. I would place a blindfold over your eyes, telling you to relax...I had something special to show you. I would then sweep you up in my arms, and carry you up some steps. You would feel safe in my arms, knowing I would always protect you. You would feel a pause, hear a door open, and a light scent of jasmine and lavender would reach you. I would carry you a little further and then dip your hanging toe down in something warm and wet. I would tell you to take off the blindfold, while I set you gently down. Taking the blindfold off, you would see you were in a room with a lone bathtub in the center. Rose petals are floating across the steaming water. Numerous candles are surrounding the room with a dull, flickering glow, filling the air with the scents you smelled earlier. I would gently slide your dress up, over your head, and you would feel the cool air hit your bare skin, giving you goosebumps. Then I would pick you back up and place you gently, slowly in the bathtub, you would feel the hot water envelope you, your skin quickly becoming used to it. As you relaxed, I would lean in to your ear and whisper to you that I always loved you, and that I want to pamper you like a true princess. I would take a pitcher of water and poor it slowly over your hair and let it run all down your body. Then I would take some lightly scented shampoo, and lather your hair. Slowly washing your hair, lovingly, as you closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling. After rinsing your hair, I would climb into the tub, and sit behind you. I would place one of my hands gently around your stomache and pull you close to me, you would feel my muscled stomache against your back, my strong legs around yours... Then I would take both hands and place them on your shoulders, squeezing lightly at first, then deeper, as I gently worked your skin and muscles into relaxing, giving you a massage from the nape of your neck, down to the small of your back. I would brush your wet hair away from the back of your neck, and start kissing you there, moving around to the side of your neck, then nibbling on your earlobe, breathing softly into it. Then I would take a sponge soaked with suds and start running it all over your body, slowly, circling around your breasts, down to your stomache. You would feel my large cock getting stiff as I felt you slowly, worshipping every inch of your body. Then I would whisper in your ear to sit on me, to take me all in. I would slide my hands under your soft, curved ass, and lift you up, and slowly let you sit down on my throbbing cock, little by little, filling your pussy up with my manhood. I would gasp as your tight pussy gripped my cock, and let you settle all the way down onto it, as much as you thought you could take. Then I would grab a handful of your wet hair and pull your head back against my muscled chest, as you rode my cock slowly at first, up and down. I would take my other hand and press down on your stomache, a little below your bellybutton, so you could feel my dick hitting your G-spot, as you laid your head back on my shoulder. As you were riding my dick, I would wrap my arms around your waist, letting one hand hang in between your legs, lightly massaging your clit. I would wait to hear you gasping with passion, your pussy convulsing with pleasure, and then I would lean in and whisper in your ear to cum for me, baby.

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