Poetry - Modifieds  

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11/21/2005 10:44 am

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Poetry - Modifieds

A humorous love affair with a car

These racecars, are a fire-breathing animal all there own
At idle, they are but a bullet, yet to be fired
At speed, you shell not blink, if yet to see one

At the age of five, I have found a love affair that has yet to die
I will call this car, She!

She's an evolution in progress
She has a shine to her like no other
For she is lean, petite and mean as all hell

She's light compared to her sister, at only 1650-LB
She's got energy to burn, with the 650hp when she's put to the floor
She's got 16-inch rubbers, in all Four Corners of her room

She's got two gears
Fast, and faster
Oh Did I tell you?
She's got a quick-change rear end

She has springs on her sneakers
That are inter changeable
To give you the ride you've been looking for

She's got sway bars, ooh
That won't leave you loose
She'll squat down in the corners
When you give her a little goose

Down the straightaway at 145
This is the point you know
You’re a live

With thirty five other girls in the field
How do I know she's sweet on me?
I know
I won


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