Did Someone Forget to Tell Me Something?  

rm_arlingguy 47M
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4/9/2006 8:28 am
Did Someone Forget to Tell Me Something?

My friend invited me over to a party at his friend's place yesterday. Really cool people, a lot of fun. I did see this one really hot blond guy that I sgtarted talking to, and everything seemed to be going great until the front door opened at this sort of weaselly looking guy came in. Walked right up to the blond guy, kissed him, and said "Hi honey." Damn.

I decided to join the party and maybe 15 minutes later, I looked out on the terrace and saw a bald and buff guy kissing the blond. A sort of heavyset brown haired guy was kssing the weaselly looking guy (are you following this?). I can a little closer, and the buff guy grabbed me and pulled me into it. Buff guy definitely knew how to put everything inot a kiss. Once my brain caught up to the action (had to swim through a drinks that were somewhere in my bloodstream), I gave into the fun and thought, "hell, maybe this is a way to get at the blond"... and it was. I made my play for him and got some great lip time. Problem I had was that I was ready for the game to end, and one of the guys I wasn't interested in (there really should be another term - not interested is one thing, but there should be a different word for "don't come near me") was headed my way. I guess I wasn't playing by the rules, but when he moved in, I backed up... practically over the railing.

Anyway, the blond and the weaselly looking guy wound up inviting me back to their place, but I took a pass. Then this morning, my friend calls and asks "so, did you go home with them last night?" Now I'm trying to fgure out whether my friend is their pimp.... or thinks he's mine???

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