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rm_arisky14u 55M
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8/29/2006 7:41 am
No paticular subject

Well it has been awhile. Life has gotten busy...I feel like a taxi service. Things haven't changed much. I still keep an eye and am surprised with all that seems to be out there I yet to find one for me. Maybe I am to picky of just to fugly as they say. O well. There are some I chat with that I just seem to have a natural connection with (rdy2try...thanks for that was unexpected a put a smile on my face...someone is gonna have a real woman on their hands when they land you) I find the emotions on this site can run to the intial euphoria of finding a profile of one who matches everthing you think you want and writing that person to the depressing when you are totaly ignored by that person. Good thing I am a patient man and do not quit easily. Well we have had a ton of rain lately and I am going to go a cut grass. Ah daily life. See this is why I need that special woman to come to the rescue.

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