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8/3/2006 8:45 am

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Well here is my first entry to this blog. We will see how it goes and how oftem I use it.

I guess to expand on my profile I did not mention about age, and size preferences. As age is concerned I am quite flexible in either direction. I fine it more important that I can communicate with you if not nothing else really matters. Size is a tricky subject. It is more about looks, how do you present yourself. I have been very attracted to curvy woman but to be honest if you are pushing the scales at being large and unhealthy it won't work. I am not trying to be mean or judgemental here. Married, single or coupels not ruling any of thses out. Married has an atraction to me because it gives us some commonality. Singles would work but it sure needs to be with the understanding of the restrictions I am under and the limits of being a friendship and not growing into anything else. Couples, my interest would be for the woman, not bi here, am willing to meet the man of the house and not be a secret but looking to be the ladies play toy.

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