Wana Noe How Many Ppl Likes The Idea Of "Swinging"?  

rm_argh_uhh 34F
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7/6/2005 3:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wana Noe How Many Ppl Likes The Idea Of "Swinging"?

Swinging stands for a couple making out with another couple.

Be it a real couple or just 2 opposite sexes doing it with another couple. What kind of enjoyment or excitement do you gain? Is it a beneficial doing? What exactly is the whole idea of swinging?

Doesn't jealousy comes in between? Does swinging seems the cool & in thing for Singaporeans right now? Ain't we supposed to be some conventional beings?

Who started it and when,how did it start? I cldn't imagine or understand what is it for? I'm getting all confused up here! I'm not saying we can't have sex or whatever. But I simply can't understand why are we getting all senile & abnormal?

I don't think we're some high-class guys,more like some bunch of barbarians & inhuman beasts! What are the differences between us,as humans & the animals? Do we just keep making out with different partners,couples or whoever to gain self-satisfaction or some silly physcology thoughts up there? We simply gain nothing out of swinging. Honestly speaking, I definitely can't tolerate this kind of action,no offence to people who like that. I just hope couples or friends who did this can try to stop it. It's really messing up the whole thing.

I truly & surely believe that no one really likes to see his/her own partner making out with another he/she right? It's not ethnical and somehow out of the whole game's regulations.

Lastly, I wld like to highlight that swinging maybe fun & exciting but in a long term run, it'll only cause pain & leave bad memories for the both parties. Pls reconsider of what you like to do shd you not hope the same or similar incident to happen onto you the next time.

No offence to friends outta!

Thanks for reading guys!
Anyone care to leave me some msgs or advices, just drop me a line there!

Will be really appreciative to hear some comments or roars from you guys!

With Peace & Cheers...muacks..luv ya!

wildlove1975 41M

7/6/2005 7:06 am

"Fun" as they said ... But I doubt there is real love behind ... more to self-satisfaction if I am not wrong.

Gal, you and I are Asian. Whether or not into the extreme, we will still hold back somehow, am I right?

Well, this site is full of temptation. But it is still up to individual to what they want things to be.

Take care anyway.


dioscuric 42M
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7/11/2005 10:43 am


well, i'm not exactly the best person to comment on this but i believe swinging is an odd mixture of desires and emotions.

several people swing for various reasons. maybe they feel like their relationship needs something new to spice it up? maybe they see swinging as a way to do it without having to cheat on their partner/spose? maybe people do it to get the ego boost of knowing that their guy/gal is sexually desirable and that he/she is only available to others for awhile but available to you all the time? maybe the other person does it because it makes his/her guy/gal happy?

the truth is i don't know either. like you, i would want to keep that person to myself if i could (especially if that person meant something to me). but that's why we are here on this site right? to try to understand what it is to be human and how we deal with our evolutionary inborn instincts.

as to is it the in thing right now in sg.. hahaha i dunno either. but i don't think it is tho'. we sg people seem to be quite conservative when it comes to matters of sexuality it seems. mebbe i'm wrong but it seems that way to me.

mebbe when u discover more, you can let us all know =)

peace out =)

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