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6/18/2006 7:37 pm

I look up at you and in your eyes I see destiny. I feel the weight of you upon me. The warm sweat of your thighs feels like a cosmic glue. I am deep inside of you now…connected. I could not be anymore in love with you than I am right now. This moment which seems frozen in time is where I would spend eternity. The peaceful way you continue to rock yourself upon me is soothing yet electrifying. You lean forward and I feel your tongue slide up my neck until it finds mine. Your kiss is hot….insistent…hungry…and satisfying. You are crushing your lips hard against me and I feel you shudder hard. Your orgasm was deep and you never even stopped moving. I love that you are taking control this time. Using my whole body as your sexual playground… I can’t remember how many times you have teased yourself beyond ordinary pleasure. Your moans long ago turned into a perpetual hum…like an electric line or the purr of a feline. I am so cocooned in your universe right now. Your flow has covered most of my lower body. It is like a blanket you have covered me with. I am safe with you my love as you shall always be with me. All I know is that you will ride and I will be ridden…anytime and anyplace. I will have my moments of domination but you will have yours too. I feel myself begin to tingle and I ask you to finish me. I feel you pitch yourself into just the right spot and the friction begins to build. Heard on a molecular level it would sound like ripping metal. It builds and I begin to squirm. You begin to tell me how bad you need me to release myself to you. “Come for me baby” you say, and I literally explode like a dying star. Screaming, crying, shouting I am finally done. Tears run down the corners of my eyes as your weight collapses upon me. I feel yours upon my neck as we drift to sleep.

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