another day in the trenches  

rm_arbyq77 54F
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8/28/2006 5:46 pm
another day in the trenches

this blog thing is addicting like a journal of sorts.....i get to vent love it...just writing to say life is going good...things for me are looking up..thank god...i have met some wonderful people on this site im amazed truly..i have tried the other so called legit paid dating sites you know the e one the perfect one ...let me just say the bull shit ones those people lie they lie....most people are on this internet to get sex... and i say what is wrong with that???/nothing hey i just want fed while i do it lmao.....or a movie...treat me good but dont lie..its amazing i have met more honest upfront likable people on here than anydating site including personals...which by the way my perfect match on personals was a cross dressing red head with great legs....WTF??? good lord least here i have found some good men with great butts it sorry just being silly...its sad but true you gotta laugh or you will be crying your self silly....thanks AdultFriendFinder for this site....not sure what that means but thanks lol hugs kisses and nibbles Patty

Romance and seduction is in for 2011 !!!!!!!

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