Ahh friday night football  

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8/27/2006 7:19 pm

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Ahh friday night football

Well sons first game wow they did awesome both of them ones a sophmore ones a junior two different teams.....my soph make three amazing tackles...twice on the qb...yeah buddy this is great because he was going to quit this summer because of depression or teenage hormones or just competely bull shit...but the coaches and i wouldnt let him quit...and hes doing awesome....my oldest love to play football lives it.....hes 6 ft 313 and a right guard a defensive tackle and the extra point kicker....he can knock the out knock them down and kick th crap out of a football he was five for five extra point kicks....sorry i know bragging but i love to watch them ..and yell ...we are going to chicago this friday down town chicago...hoping they pull out this year and keep winning Ottawa is not know for its winning teams this year new coach new attitudes....last year my boys were confrence champs this year state ????? ok well im a mom i can dream.....GO OTTAWA PIRATES.....go bears lol love the b ears as well .....i also dream them going to the super bowl again along with the cubbies in the world series hey im a loyal fan what can i say it can and will happen ....take care hugs Patty

Romance and seduction is in for 2011 !!!!!!!

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8/27/2006 7:58 pm

dream the impossible dream while their young....

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