Movie Night (erotic tale)  

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Movie Night (erotic tale)

Is the fire lit? Everyone have their marshmallows out? Okay, I have another tale to tell. This one requires more background than some of the others, though. This is the tale of my most embarrassing sexual moment. Well okay, it ties for that with my first posting, Some ideas are better than others (erotic tale). First off, the girl in the story wasn’t my girlfriend at the time. I’ll say no more on that subject. She wasn’t the girl I lost my virginity to either, although she was the first I was with who was open to experimentation beyond straight penetration in the missionary position (perhaps I’ll tell about that ‘first’ girl sometime). Anyway, her father was/is a big-wig with the Mormons, and very proper. A very hard man to get to know, especially for a punk-ass, seventeen-year-old boy, with a beat-up skateboard, equally beat-up clothes, and bangs that hung across his face. Yet, for reasons I’ll never understand, her parents liked me; trusted me. Little did they know…

Movie Night

We sat on the couch; a three-cushion, tweed number that had seen a lot of use; watching movies on a Saturday night. The uneasy flicker of the television was the only light to see by. Chilled as ever, she had a blanket draped over the two of us. I wanted her so bad I couldn’t stand it. Feeling more than my share of raging, teen hormones, I was nearly shaking with need. From the highly-suggestive looks she kept throwing my way, she knew, and felt the same. Of course she knew; she was the cause.

An hour earlier, she had managed to catch me alone in the kitchen. Without warning, her hand was stoking me through my jeans. Once I was hard enough to hammer nails, she walked away, giggling. It took me a few minutes to recover. Quite a few. Twenty minutes after that, she gave me one of her ‘special hugs’. I have never (before or since) been hugged like that girl could hug. A full-body hug is as close as I can get to a description; but somehow, even that falls short of the actual experience. I could feel her entire soft form, from her ankles, slipped between my slightly parted feet, to the top of her head against my temple. Every inch of her made contact with me during one of those hugs. Knowing exactly how they set me on fire, she had made that one linger.

“I want my two dollars!” her kid brother announced, reciting along with the movie. A cute kid, funny and well-behaved, but at that moment, I just wanted him to go to bed. Or away, or anything. Not that it would have done any good. Right then, including her and I, there were six people awake in the house. Her parents among them.

One movie ended, and there was some discussion about whether or not it was okay for a ten year old to watch the next selection; Eddie Murphy’s, “Raw”. I didn’t think so, but then, I was feeling a bit selfish. And horny; unbelievably horny. Half-way through the last movie she had turned, leaning against the arm, and put her legs across my lap. Every so often, she would stretch them in a way that pressed and rubbed against my partial-erection; grinning at me as she did it.

Every once in a while, her father would take a tour of the house; pop in and see what we were watching, say ‘hi,’ that kind of thing. Typical ‘good parent’ shit. Half way through ‘Raw’ Father toured again, and shooed the brother––who was nodding-off in spite of himself––off to bed. When he left again, without even giving ‘the boy under a blanket with his daughter’ a meaningful look, we were alone. Oh dear, sweet, God in Heaven, we were ALONE!

Suddenly, she was rubbing her legs together like a cricket. Resting across my lap as they were, it created a wealth of sensation against my restrained erection. Caught downward along my leg, as it grew harder, pleasantly uncomfortable turned to wholly uncomfortable, and I had to adjust. Her eyes lit up mischievously. Her legs tried to block my hands from their goal. I managed to pull myself into an upward position only by playing dirty. I went for her weakness: tickling. How she ever thought to play that way when her knees were insanely ticklish, I’ll never understand, but she couldn’t keep it up once I grasped her knee and gave it a squeeze. I thought her squeal was a little loud for comfort, though.

Once I was able to breathe easier, I slid the hand up her inner thigh; not an easy thing to do seductively when the thigh in question is covered by sweat-pants. I must have managed though, because she immediately calmed from being tickled and gave me a smoldering look, arching her back and sliding down into my touch. My hand moved up higher, and I used a thumb to create friction against her tender warmth; the cotton of her pants gliding easily against the glossy smoothness of her panties. Radiated heat from her thighs warmed my whole hand, but her expression of blissful abandon warmed the rest of me even more.

Still under the blanket, some artful tugging brought her sweat-pants down far enough to give better access, but from my angle, a thumb was still all I could do. I made the best of it, sliding it in slow circles around my new favorite toy. I had only recently been introduced to the clit, and was learning fast how to use that knowledge to the fullest extent. She was certainly helping in that. Her legs stopped moving, and parted slightly as she lost herself to feeling. Her hips took up a gyrating motion, and one hand clamped down on my wrist like a vise, making sure I couldn’t withdraw attention. Trying to gauge her reactions, I kept at it. My thumb slid into her, the angle keeping it shallow and teasing. She pushed herself at me, gaining a fraction more, but still not enough. Trailing slowly up her slick velvet folds, I circled the raised button again, watching her face as she let out a low moan. My eyes cut to the doorway. Paranoia was setting in.

Between the motions of her hips and the tight grip on my wrist, she was nearly pleasuring herself. That it was with my thumb seemed incidental. Changing that, I fought her grip and pulled my hand away. Laying down next to her, I untangled the blanket and straightened it. She immediately started rubbing her ass against me, driving me insane with my pants still closed. Her cool flesh touched my lower belly where my shirt rode up, shocking me. Her butt was always cold, creating an interesting sensation to our couplings. Once I had managed to free myself, lowering my pants only as far as my thighs, she slid up a fraction. My tender head trailed along her cool rear, plunging into warmth as it rounded the bottom edge. We pushed against each other, but it only teased; slipping out time and again. After an eternity, I felt the head catch and inch in. Flexing so it wouldn’t slip out again, I slowly pushed into her tight heat.

Her eyes met mine, and I kissed her deeply, a gentle tempo of grinding thrusts and caresses. One hand propping my head up, the other roamed her body; A light drag of nails across her belly and up her arched back, the lightest of pinching tweaks to her nipples while my hand cupped her breast, sinking my fingers in the flesh of her hips, running the hand up and into her hair. Brought to the edge only a few moments ago, her orgasm took her quickly, with stifled whimpers and jittering legs. Her loss of concentration was apparent in our kiss as I continued to grind myself deep inside her using slow circles. She kept matching my motions with an abandon borne of ecstasy. Ebbing, she gave me a sly, breathless grin and altered her motion, countering mine. The smooth closeness of a moment ago became full-on, in and out, strokes. The change raised hairs on my arms and neck. She grinned again at my reaction; blue eyes sparkling like frozen diamonds.

I knew that this was no time for restraint––her father could walk in at any moment––but when she looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “Cum for me,” I about lost it.

Right at the edge of giving her what she asked for, in strolled her dad. We froze. My mind instantly assessed the damage… We were lying side by side on the couch, under a blanket long enough that it covered our feet. Or, more importantly, covered the fact that both our leggings were bunched at our ankles. Her cheeks were flushed, but she was often like that from the extreme heat she liked to live in. The girl was always cold, and wasn’t happy unless she was sweating, so her reddened-cheeks weren’t anything to look twice at. I had one arm propped under my head, giving me a clear view of the television over her head, so it could look like I was watching. The real question was, what did he think? With his eyes on the screen, he strolled in and gave us a glance. The double-take he did made my heart stop. One of his bushy eyebrows raised in question.

“I was cold, Daddy,” she said offhandedly. Beneath the blanket, she snuggled against me making my nearly-bursting cock slip around inside of her.

One side of his mouth twisting wryly, he looked me in the eye… and rolled his. Just like that he accepted the reason––accepted it so much that he offered me sympathy for her weirdness––his attention already shifting to Eddie Murphy. With a chuckle, he sat in the chair previously occupied by her younger brother.

She moved again, circling her hips with excruciating slowness. The semi-stiff material of the blanket stayed still. When I moved, so did it. Over her shoulder, I saw that she noticed… she could push against me, but I had to stay still or risk disturbing the blanket and making our actions obvious. All her father had to do was turn his head and we were caught.

Slow grinding circles, brought me to the brink again. With a self control I never knew I had, I resisted every urge I had to moan, or thrust, or even breathe heavy, as I exploded deep inside of her. I couldn’t help the sweating under her blanket, but what I really wanted to do was drive it into her over and over like I knew she liked. To take her with wild abandon. That would certainly draw attention though, so I resisted.

Spent, we lay there, unable to move until I softened and slid out. After a few minutes, her father left the room again. We got up, dressed, and into a more dignified position. I still have no idea how we didn’t get caught. He was right there, five feet away, as I came in his daughter. That man would have torn me apart if he knew. I know I would have in his place. I was “in the picture” for several years, but I was never able to look her father in the eye the same way. Not after that.


twirly_girl 47F

8/30/2006 6:43 pm

Holy moly...
I need my toy.

That was hot!


rm_aranayd replies on 8/30/2006 6:50 pm:
Marshmallows not enough for you? I thought about putting "get your toys" in that intro, but couldn't bring myself to do it.

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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9/3/2006 10:51 pm

wow...I have to agree with 69...except the toy part....the tension in that...very well described...thank you for sharing it *smiles*

rm_aranayd replies on 9/3/2006 11:17 pm:
You are most welcome. Thank you for the praise.

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