Late Night Call. (erotic tale)  

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Late Night Call. (erotic tale)

I got her call at almost eleven. Her roommate was gone for the weekend, and she didn’t want to be alone. Having to work early the next day, I had been about to retire for the night. Still, knowing that she had to work early too, I went right out the door. A shared bed for the night was a great thought. Especially with her. She was a snuggler in her sleep. A chronic freeze-baby, she would often call me her personal bed warmer. It felt good to be loved so completely that she even loved me in her sleep.

I knocked lightly before trying the handle. It was open, so I didn’t hesitate. Although I always knocked before entering, both she and her roommate told me repeatedly that I didn’t have to. To me, I didn’t live there, so I knocked. I didn’t, however, wait for a reply anymore.

Northern California’s version of a winter night left a chill on the handle as I turned it, and I found her seated in an overstuffed chair with a blanket over her. It was a sight that instantly warmed my heart: long, straight blond hair pooled at her shoulders, legs curled up and tucked in beneath the blanket, the crystal-blue of her eyes sparkling in concert with a mischievous, yet welcoming, smile. Her arms and shoulders were out of the blanket and bare except for the thin, black bra-straps that her hair nearly hid. In her lap, she was lightly scratching her new kitten, Latch, who was striped in a shade of gray that nearly matched the blanket. Contented with her attention, the kitten’s eyes were half lidded, and he was purring loud enough to be heard across the room.

A little stunned at the air of mischief about her, I entered cautiously. She could be a little unpredictable at times; finding wild hairs in odd places and that kind of thing. And, not generally, in a bad way. With her, anything could happen depending on her whim. I was at a loss tonight, though. Here it was, well after eleven, we both have to work early. No way was there time for anything but a quickie. And, although she said those were good for her, I knew better. It was challenge enough to get her off orally, much less in a quickie situation. She was not an easy woman to make cum, and NEVER more than once in any one night. She was also not a fan of my teasing either, so making that one be the best I knew it could be wasn’t her way either. I found ways around that most times, but tonight there wasn’t enough time for a marathon fuck.

Setting the contented cat on the arm of the chair, she never took her eyes off mine as I closed the door behind me. Latch was still purring as he jumped to the floor. My own eyes narrowed in suspicion when I saw her smile grow suddenly. Something was up; I just wasn’t being let in on the secret yet.

When she drew aside the fleece blanket, the first thing I noticed was the black stockings and garter she was wearing. She knew that was a weakness of mine, and had undoubtedly done intentionally. No panties and the matching black bra was a stunning touch. Her nearly-evil grin grew again as she slid her coiled legs to the floor and stretched out languidly. That was when I noticed the second thing.

A thin pink cord trailed across the uppermost portion of one of her thighs to a small pink box in her hand. I also noticed that, even though the kitten was no longer in the room, I could still hear purring.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she whispered richly.

“I see that,” I whispered back, keeping my voice as low as hers. Her roommate might be out of town, but her son was still asleep in the other room.

Her legs parted some, revealing the end of the pink line where it disappeared inside of her. The mischievous grin slipped some as vibrations caught her in a particularly pleasing way. Glancing at the clock, she hissed, “I have a challenge for you. It’s eleven forty-five, if you can get me off before midnight, I’ll return the favor. If not, then we both go to bed unsatisfied. “Deal?”

In answer, I took three steps across the room, nearly slid to my knees, and pressed my night chilled face directly into her pussy, sliding my tongue as deeply inside as I could. The surprised gasp I heard was rich enough to start my flesh on fire. I didn’t even have my jacket off yet. But, hard and fast was what she liked the best, so I immediately set to work on her clit. Pressing my tongue against it and slipping it back and forth. Letting it slip out. Sucking it into my mouth and brushing my tongue across it, all the while letting my saliva run free, wetting her further.

As unexpectedly as I could manage, I slid two fingers into her, feeling along the thin wire to the source of the vibrations. With the small vibrating-egg in the V of my long fingers, I began to slide them in and out, working in rhythm with the sucking and flicking of my tongue. Her hips began to rise to my mouth, gyrating in time to what I was doing.

And still, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. Not for her. And certainly not by her deadline.

From the corner of my eye I could see the green numbers on her VCR. I had less than five minutes left. Without changing the near-furious cadence we had built, I switched hands and began to slide three fingers into her instead. Freed from its warm prison, the slick egg was covered in a combination of her sweet juices and my saliva.

With the pink wire held taut in my palm, and the undulating egg poised atop the first two fingers of my right hand, I gently placed it against her anus. A low moan escaped her lips as I slowly pushed the egg inside. Millimeter by millimeter I slit it in. Her gyrating hips began bucking wildly and she was panting uncontrollably. At the very moment that my fingers pushed the vibrator as deep inside her ass as they could, her orgasm unleashed its wrath on her. Grinding against any part of me that touched her, she moaned and squeaked and grabbed my hair.

Still keeping rhythm, sliding my fingers in and out of her dripping heat, curling one up to rub against her g-spot. As slowly as it went in, I removed my other hand and the egg from her rear entry, but I kept the rest going until her legs began to go rigid before easing up a bit. One of her legs jumped involuntarily against my cheek, and I couldn’t suppress a smile as I drank of her juices and played more. She was very much like me in that her clit, like my head, gets ultra-sensitive, almost to the point of pain, right after an orgasm. A little toying is ok, but too much can be tough to handle. She almost always needed a break after cumming.

Hands still entwined in my hair she had enough, and pushed my head back, looking me in the eye with a smile. “Your turn,” she said with a slight croak in her voice. Not letting go of my hair, she stood and made me turn to sit in the chair.

Without preamble, she unzipped my jeans and slipped the button open in a flash. My already throbbing member strained against the thin material of my underwear, and she made quick work of stripping me from the waist down. Her first touch was as subtle as a sword-swallower on holiday; taking me all the way down her amazing throat to the hilt. Sliding it all the way back out, she plunged it in again, bonking her nose on my flat belly. With it buried deep, she began doing something I can only describe as swallowing. That’s what it felt like, anyway. Her throat constricted rhythmically and her head bobbed slightly, keeping my deep. My own moan must have pleased her, because when she came up for air and stroked my glistening cock, she wore a very satisfied smile.

Not very playful, but amazing in her own way, she drove my dick down her throat again and again, sliding her mouth up until the head popped across her lips before going deep enough to feel my dangling sack with her chin. With such incredible talent, I quickly began to feel pressure and heat build in the base of my shaft. The throbbing increased. Needing air, but sensing how near I was, she sucked the tip and stroked with her hand while taking her breath. When she went down again, I felt the pulsing of my cock slip over the edge of control.

“I’m…ah, I’m…ooh…ooh,” I tried to announce. I had enough cognizance left in my thinking-head to warn her of my impending orgasm–I didn’t want her to choke if I suddenly blasted deep into her throat–but not enough to actually form the words to tell her. She knew, though.

When the first contraction struck me, I heard her soft, sucking moan. After that, I was lost in a world of intense pleasure. She completely stole my breath as she slammed herself all the way down again, and did that constricting, undulating thing with her throat that I could now confirm to be swallowing. She held me there, taking my load down back down her gullet, until the jerky pulses slowed and subsided.

Ever so slowly, she backed my spent member out of her throat, pausing to suck the last few drops directly from the head. The sensation came close to pain from oversensitivity, and I nearly jumped out of the chair, but she just kept on sucking and stroking with her hand; doing the very thing that she got mad at me for doing to her. So, much like she had done to me, I grabbed her head and forced her off. I simply couldn’t handle it anymore.

Looking up at me with a streamer of spit dangling from her lip, her delighted face made me want to abandon the idea of getting up early. Made me want to keep this moment going until dawn.

“Uh-uh,” she said, sensing my intentions to further the evening. “Time for sleep.” Wiping the saliva from her chin with the back of a hand, she rose and walked into the hall toward the bathroom.

I was left speechless in the chair, thinking about the coming morning and how I would wake to find her draped across me no matter how I slept. Her silky body making as much contact as she could manage; trying to leach every bit of my body heat. With a smile, I made my legs work, and followed her to the bathroom to clean up before bed.


rm_1SweetBitch 55F
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8/13/2006 1:49 pm

Very very nice...and hot

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

1 SweetBitch

rm_aranayd replies on 8/13/2006 7:45 pm:
Thank you.

rm_loneremily 33F
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8/15/2006 5:36 pm

I liked it, too. Very much, friend. Alas, though, I can not deep throat. I feel inadequate.

rm_aranayd replies on 8/15/2006 8:40 pm:
Don't feel that way. Just take the story for what it is.

joeg3366 49M

9/13/2008 5:28 pm

very good

joe g

rm_aranayd replies on 9/13/2008 5:40 pm:
Thanks... there's more.

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