the fuel we run on.  

rm_aqustic2 44M
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3/21/2006 2:05 am

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4/28/2006 2:41 pm

the fuel we run on.

theres a few differant fuels i run on. in my working hours which used to 24 hours a day untill about 3 months ago when i got sence and parted the work side of me from the personal. i am very drivin. i was hungry at the start when i went out on my own bout 10,11 years ago. but now? things have leveled out and are never doing anything less than ticking over. but if i need a blast it aint hard to sort it as i now have the contacts. so i suppose? plus i am safe in my thinking that i am simply the best at what i do. apart from the fact that i am one of a small group of people that do what i do. so i suppose during these working hours its confedence thats my fuel? in my personal life, i take the piss. more often out of myself, i have to have a laugh no mater what happens. i used to have a prob relaxing at this time but more and more these days i easyly slip into chillout mode and really enjoy that side of things now, more so when i am home in my cave and have thrown myself in a heap by the fire on a winters night or a sunday afternoon in autum? or dinner in the garden in the summer? parties in the garden during the summer?? even more fun till 3 and 4 in the morning. and as the sun comes up talking to people about now our lifes went down?.. but.BUT and its a very big but, i have being awear and as my days are talking away from me, i become more and more awear that life is the fuel i run on while in this chillout mode. i am a normal thinking 34 year old lad dont worry i aint turning .. all la,la on you here. from this life i get the last type of fuel i need to get me through the night.....DREAMS have become very important to me. i think they are the payout at the end of my yesturdays?? for when my tomorrows arrive i need to be ready for them so as to squeez as much life as i can out of them. fecking hell prehapes i have lost the plot here?????? but as far as i am concerned i need more life? more feelings, more goodtimes,more?? you.

shar1 55F
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3/21/2006 10:47 am

I wish I could live that way, live for the day, make the most of each day, but I'm caught up in the 'what ifs' and the 'if onlys'.

But I do try to enjoy each day, good, bad or indifferent each holds a lesson to be learned and I hope I'm open to that learning.

Nice Blog.

Sulabula 45F
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3/21/2006 11:37 am

Life is how we make we need to plan for every day? I don't think so...we take it as it comes and make the most out of it...sometimes we need more, sometimes we need depends on that given day...

Sula xxx

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HBowt2 58F

3/22/2006 11:50 am

wonder if this is why you've been pushing me....

rm_aqustic2 44M
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3/22/2006 12:10 pm

cheers ladies, how very wise you all are. gbowt i is wondering whats on your mind pushing?? fink i`m a bit lost? any chance you could enlighten me babe?? any we`ll rock on coz that big bad life is after me..

sassyflirt3 59F

3/24/2006 5:12 pm

Make me a dream....?

rm_aqustic2 44M
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3/25/2006 2:22 am

sassy a dream for you?? baby i`ll make if my lifes work let me take you by the hand and your heart and you take me to your dreaming place,

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