that will teach the twats  

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4/4/2006 1:37 am

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that will teach the twats

this morning, i got up at 6am and what a morning? the sun hit me a slap straight into the face as i opeoned the back door into my garden what feeling if only my left arm worked i`d still be cartwheeling round the garden. christ i love the spring and summer.
i love the autum and winter too but for very differant reasons. today i`m feeling all brand new. nothing could take me down and i meen NOTHING. people i dont know whats going on in your own life?? but theres plenty in mine and on a day like today for me and where i live and what i`m feeling, i am surely on an other planet?? ok, ok. watch it yea i know i`m from an other planet. this is what its all about, forget your fancy holidays , fast motors and designer clothes who needs em?? really who a few years back i was driven by that stuff, dont get me wrong i still like to go on holidays, and i like nice clothes of course dont we all want to look well?? i do i need to, for some reason it makes me feel good. but today once i had a shower and a shave all i needed to wear was a smile and my fav aftershave. its a bit dated by its still "polo green" anyway i`m in the garden drinking coffee its a bit nippy if you let it in on you. but my mind and heart are on fire so my body had no choice but to follow, anyway getting back to it, i live at the bottom of a lonely old laneway, my house is very old 250 years, its part of the old english landlords est. lord clarmont he was called. theres very little felt of it now. the big house was burnt down in 1916 by the ira. fecking twats?? only kidding , they did what they had to do back then, or whatever we`ll not get into that. but the people who own that part of it now are proper , PROPER dickheads. theres being on going rows about owership of the lane , (we share right of way), for about 60 years now in my time here they have caused a fair bit of hassle i`ve being shot at twice had dead and bloody stuff nailed to my door and being attacked a good few times. each time the law sorted it, but they never learn a few years back they lifed the car i was driving into the air while i was in it with a front loader which went on fire a few days later while i was in germany, (strange) anyway they are hard men or so they like to think. and this past while there hasnt bin to much trouble as i how have a court order againist them for differant things plus i`m in a differant frame of mind these past few years and dont give a toss what they get up to. but this morning i beat them senceless as far as i am concerned. i was in the garden wearing only boxers and a t shrit. when i heard them cuming down the lane they always slow down passing my place and stare in, i dont give shit bout this as i can control what i want them to see. but today i put my car and jeep out in the lane way to let the sun get to me. knowing theyed want to see what was going on in the garden as the motors were out off it. so i quickly removed my clothes and stood in full view of them NAKED with my coffee in hand. these lads are THICK, thick as bottled crap, anyway one loud crunch later as the took the side outa my jeep with their own, i had my clothes back on and the law were on the way, they had no were to go i have a camera on the lane but none in the garden. a cop came ito the house a few mins ago to tell me they`d catch up with me in a few days for a statement. and to tell me the ticko (smellyfarmerboy) says you were naked in the garden. ME????? christ no. but now that you say it, i didnt wantnt to tell you before because i was embarrassed bout it but i think they`ve being watching me getting undressed throught the window this past while???? , HO,HO replys dermot the cop they`ll not want that in the paper see ya later as he downs his coffee and walks out the door. (he hates them too) so today i got my big smile on but for a number of differant reasons. and the sun will be the fuel i run on see ya later when it gos down and i slip into chillout mode. have a great day and watch yourselfs for me please. keefy.

Sulabula 45F
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4/4/2006 5:10 am

oh my goodness...I bet that was a sight lol. Hope you day is good

Sula xxx

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