st. patrick was a fire starter..  

rm_aqustic2 44M
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3/14/2006 2:32 pm
st. patrick was a fire starter..

the hummble paddy has come a long way in recent years i reckon, we are now smply the best in everthing we do, look at the music industry for one, move over u2 and let aqustic and the troglodites show you how its done, everywhere we go, (the irish ) we built homes, break hearts and entertaint the locals, sò i reckon its only fair that we should bring the world to a stand still this week end? i myself have being dreading this week end for some time now, two good mates of mine (bickers) are due in to land at my cave from cork for a few days this friday to help me carry out a very important job something has being eating away at me for a few years now, this coming saturday i hope to be free of it, for those interested tune in to radio aqustic early next week and i`l have had time to put it all together in my head and hopefully bloged about it these two lads i have known going on 20 years now, they are good friends even if they are wired to nassa, to them rocket fuel is an aphrodisiac, and ilquiadi is a baystting agency with a few probs. i suppose they have being a bad influance on me but they are the right lads to help me out on this one, over the years we have all helped each other out from time to time and had some crazy times together, i remember a time in kinsale for a weekend on the beer when my tounge fell out and refused to go in till i had licked very girls back in the pub later in a nite club i noticed everybody was walking round with their tounges hanging out even the ladies. so i hope the many people from differant countries and race`s that i have got to know and as far as i am concerned are my friends in some way or an other will join me and all the other irish folks around the world this st. patricks day and rise your glasses to greatest race on the planet ZOG lets hope i come out the other side of this one alive people and if i dont? i`ll catch up with you at some stage. up till now i had to buy bottled fear but i have to say for the frist time in my life that i remember i am scared and looking forward to it at the same time, it i feel is the only way to clense my mind and let me put this prob of mine behind me. xxx

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