my beds a funny place  

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1/18/2006 3:51 pm

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my beds a funny place

woke up this morning at 3 am i had set the bloody alarm clock wrong after an hour trying to get back to sleep i got up and watched a dvd ( midnight express) a good show about 5 am i started getting sleepy so went back to bed only to wake at 6 with a bang as i hit the floor with a slap, i had fallen outa bed, no big deal, as its a comon thing for me, i have little or no feeling in my left side these days and dont feel myself wingling about in bed till i`m not in it anymore anyway after more. after that i figered to safest thing was to get up. i got showered had the coffee and left the house, and there it was............GONE. my new car had bin nicked during the night i rang the local cop shop to tell some half wit copper my car has bin stolen from outside my house which he replyed where did you last park it?? anyway i climbed into my work jeep and headed off to my store only no shit some ding
dong decided to ran up my arse at the lights, once that was sorted i had a pretty normal day untill this evening i decide to go for a pint on the way home i parked up and was walking down to the pub i thought i heard something behind me maybe someone sneeking up behind me??, so i turned round only to find my own jeep less than a few feet away, its automatic and i`d forgot to put it in park, it ran straight over me across the road and into a parked car, i got up and dusted myself down luckly i lost no blood just a bit sore, the car it hit belonged to complete twat i kicked about with for a while back who owed me a fair bit of cash, so i didnt care, the cops arrived a few mins later and it turned out to be the silly lad i had reported my stolen car to this morning, i told him the story which to that he replyed we`ll have to take a statement but any chance did you see the driver?? i fliped the lid, went into a spin and let him have it f ing and blinding like a good thing his pratner in crime (the other cop) sticks his ore in and arrest`s me for brech of the peace and being abuseif to an officer they handcuff me and put me in the back off their puddle hopper patrol car a (feckin toyota yaris) 2 mins later we are wainting at the lights and my car the stolen one pulls up beside us, i tell bill and ben thats my car to which i`m told to shut up and asked did i have much to drink it the pub i had being heading for??? after a bit more of me screaming at them they take what i am saying on board and chase after my boxster which is heading straight for the border and within mins is out of sight..........GONE they refuse to leave me back to the pub to get a drink which at this state is badly needed to clam me down but instead leave me home after a bit i get a taxi back up to get my jeep only to find i had forgoten my walet and had to return home to get money to pay for the round about trip to pay for the same trip. in the end i called a mate to lift my jeep, tonight i`m straping myself into the bed with an overdose of sleeping pills for christs sake let me get through this one as i`ve only one more day to do to get to the week end where and can finally get a drink and relax away from the law.

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1/18/2006 5:49 pm

Come on Friday!

Purry {=}


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