lifes out to get ya........  

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11/24/2005 2:38 pm

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lifes out to get ya........

ok people i`ve done loads of wild stuff in my days that would have put my life on the line so i`ll have a go at this as its only my pride thats on the table?? but if i`m any good at it ye all may run for cover. i`ll try and make this as painfull for you as it was for me. twas a friday i had had a major week for me work wise, i had made good cash and met up with a good mate (my bank manager) not the useual type , we were too peas in a pot. he is a good man on the drums and a proper live wire when he got going. anyway we had lunch on the bank off course and a pint after before he went back to work, i did a bit more and then went and bought some new treds(clothes) we met up again at 5 for the useual friday night blowout any it was now 1am the next day before i knew it and we were clubing, as in niteclubing not beating people with a stick as i also like to do if i want their shoes, after a bit fergal my mate brought me over to meet a lady he thought i might like?? i i thought it was one off his hard up sisters so went with the flow. but as we turned the coner at the bar........ well holy god as we paddy`s say when we get horny or our diners on the table. it was the woman i was put on this planet to get with she was the bank manager of fergals rival bank in the next town to mine she was a super hot older woman but must of all she rode a 98 fireblade same as my own at the time to work with only the very best of gear on her to drive wealthy men over the edge and sign on the dotted line to allow the bank to suck the penison plan outa the them. we had danced a few times on the roads at the week ends but never spoke face to face, never mind the fact that serveral biking ledgends had come to me in the night to tell me if i didnt get her over the tank i`d end up a lollypop man. you see i was born with a honda 50 between my legs, bikes were my world but will never be again, i`ll tell you later. anyway after a night in her bedroom overlooking the irish sea on the border coast i decide those voices in the night were ture and that she was a black widow and i was for breakie so i cleared of early cartwheeling all the way home with joy (5 miles) i took a sudden speed wobble i had in my haste to get out forgoten to do up my button and fly, my jeans had come down on a doublesuper douper double spinout and as my feet hit the ground i lost control and hit a post box head on with all the power of a 4 year old kid on red bull and farlies rusks i smashed my nose to bits wrote off the post box and lost the use of my left arm but thats an other..........keith

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/25/2005 2:32 am

WElcome to bloggville sexy

Brilliant story

Keep em coming !!!

Love Silky x

belfastbound 40F

12/3/2005 6:34 pm

Ah aq we've all had our own fair share of shit lovely, you are one of the good guys on here, good to read your stories, keep on at it! BB xxxxxxxx

rm_Poisonivy995 36F

2/16/2009 3:34 pm

please post a comment on my blog for my soulmate who died on his Firebade Sunday morning on a breakfast run. He lost his life there and would love to go bury all our comments on the side of the road.
Thank you for this.

rm_aqustic2 replies on 6/19/2009 3:00 am:
yellow there sorry i only just spoted your comment and now cant find your blog as yet profile seems turned off?
i`deeply sorry for your loss as i too have lost many a good friend to the road, i know this will be of little comfort to you but remember these words

in 2002 i lost the used of my left arm after a brain tumor, i spent the next year in a wheel chair as i learned to walk again in that time 4 of my mates died in spils of sportsbikes, they had all given up their bikes once they saw me in a wheelchair it was me who talked them all into gettting back onto them........
life has a funny way of teaching us to be greatfull for what we have

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