lets see what happens?? its no biggie.  

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4/3/2006 2:01 am

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lets see what happens?? its no biggie.

in the past few years the belive that there has to be a balance for everything in life came ture for me. in the week my family and friends were told i was to die they were told i had a little girl "a daughter" un known even to me sadness and happyness, sweet and sour??? call it what you will, want, need to? what ever makes you feel better. some weeks later my uncle my best friend did die of cancer but i came round and started getting better. he died i lived lifeand death? old for young? again call it want to will, want whatever makes you happy? then a year later i took back control of my own buisness. all wired up and ready for it, only to find the person running it doing his best but not knowing fully what he was doing had run in into trouble owing over a 100k. (the price i had to pay to keep it alive is the way i see it now) at the time i was over joyed to be back in the drivers seat yet was wishing i hadnt got out of the boot. a rise to fall maybe?? you can name that one yourselfs. 2 years on and i`ve broken the back of that last problem, and am on top of it now after a crazy 2 years work and can relax for a bit the calm after the storm??? putit in and take it out?? whatever?
i could be here forever and who wants a history book??
a while back i took on board something huge in my life that needed to be faced up too, that my life long hobby motorbikes "sportsbikes" were for me no more one arm and two wheels dont go together. madness and sence i fink on this one?? you decide. now i knew from the start AdultFriendFinder was made up of lonely people?, sad people? funny people?, dead on people?, honest people?, and dishonest people?, mad people?, even some bad people?? i think there a bit of everything in that list in me?? ok, ok, maybe not bad?? but over the week end i drove a nearly 700 mile trip 12 hours driving to take home a 50k damaged jeep from the bottom of the country when i got to my customer on the way back in dublin he started giving me shit and trying to wear me down on the agreed price, so iwent for a coffee and a fink, unknown to him i knew the guy he was selling it to repaired with a nearly 20k profit, so i went back doubled my profit and delivered him with my price take it or leave it i want an answer now as i`ve changed my mind i`ll repair it myself i told him. 10 mins later the jeep was off the trailer and i was on my way home the twat. so bad???
now getting back to the balance thing, when i suffered the lost of my hobby ok it was dead in the water?? ( read my blog two little boys) but it ripped me apart i didnt tell a soul, but at the same time a person , a lady who had bin in my mind for some time turned up the volume or maybe i did?? who cares?? i had changed my rules and with a new outlook on life with the bike thing and i decided why fight what i was feeling just let it roll enjoy it and lets see where it takes me,us??
in the past few weeks theres being a fair bit of crap going on in a place i spend time, a place i go to have a laugh with people i enjoy " THE IRISH CHAT ROOM" christ theres being times i fell off my own chair. what with silly posts bad feeling, people leaving " crouchy" a dead on lad. like the damaged jeep deal I AINT TAKING ANY SHIT. theres plenty of other chat rooms out there millions of people i`ll take my fun, my humor elsewere no big deal i`ll still have my laughs and i`ll take a few people with me. the friendships i`ve made are good ones to me i let them happen no need to work on them. now if the stuff i see going on dont stop i`ll split its no big deal after all i now know who the good and honest are, who the sad and dishonest are i got what i came for thats the balance on this one. and i`ll name this one myself. the " rich and the poor" i`m richer in my being for what i have gained but i`ll also be poor less well off for those people, after all friendships i may lose? after all its no big deal i`ve being honest with everyone in the chat rooms and in my blogs, if people cant pick up what i`ve said to them thats THEIR BAG OF CHIPS. now i got to get on with important stuff like living. its a beauty full day here and i`m going to have a cup of coffee in my garden. lets see what happens?????

by the way this is the frist blog i`ve had to write in bad form...........keith

Sulabula 45F
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4/3/2006 4:03 am

Sorry you had to write this in bad form...The chat room hasn't been much fun lately...Like you I have fallen off my seat laughing with the craic and the banter we have had...I have made some really good friends from here...you would be amongst one of them....we have all gained something from being on this site...more insight into ourselves...perhaps more awareness as well...Sometimes we pick up on things and we may not like it...but things evolve and that is the way life is...

Sula xxx

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sassyflirt3 59F

4/3/2006 8:45 am

Your wise enough to sort out who is on and who isnt Keith....as am i
Somepeople think were f*****g stupid

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