ALIVE ...........she cryed  

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7/10/2006 2:01 pm

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ALIVE ...........she cryed

ALIVE she cryed the words of jim morrison the DOORS i was a big fan as a teenager and right up into my twenties still listen to a bit now, but they were the coldplay, of my early teen`s i even went to visit morrison`s grave in paris on a school trip when 14. got biten by a dog while sneaking out of the hostel to go for drink at midnight one night, happy days as were all my days growing up. we(my mates) were proper little bastards my older brother thought me how to drive when i was 10, it was the down fall of us all as i then thought the rest of the lads how to do it, we then made a packit that every saturday night one of us would rob our folks car and we`d go cruisin spreading our disreguardfull ways futher and further lock up your daughters big time. for me you would have needed to lock up your wifes as i was
always an older women,man i seem to have leveled out a bit lately. the nights we would limp home having nearly killed ourselfs as what ever eejit was driving would have lost it on a bend and wacked our funwagon around a tree or rolled their mothers car into a field or worse, somehow we always managed to get away with it? letting our folks think their motor was nicked or something one lad walter even convinced his father that it was him drunk who planted the family wheels in the fountain in the local park, i bust my knee cap in that one and couldnt walk for weeks after it, we would dare each other to do silly stuff like drive through the local cop shop yard and maybe s try and knock their bin over or something, i once did it in my granmothers mini in revirse having being dared that i wouldnt do it in forward mode. an other time i drode my bike an rd 250 through a supermarket naked my girlfriend at the time on the back also naked. she wet herself when i pulled up at the checkouts a bought a packet of mints. anyway ALIVE she cryed, i opened my eyes once there was an other set looking straight into mine, my girlfriend again only this time i wasnt a teenager but 24 and had just had a bad spill of my bike outside killarnery , co. kerry and was now in a hospitale bed having being out off it for a few days my girlie had sat with me for days holding my hand, funny i only came out of that one with a broken leg and arm nothing compared to what she would have done to me if she had of got me on her own straped to that bed, i may not have even come out of it alive, never mind crying about. the last time she cryed " ALIVE" i opened my eyes or rather they were opened for me (forced) but what i saw was the most beautyfully smile i have ever seen two eyes beamed down on me from a differant planet i could see my whole life in those two eyes your back she said, yes back, back with a bang i had just lifted from a coma, happy days, as they all have being since, i`m told there are some scary days ahead but there will be no revising away from them in my grannies mini this time i will steam forward straight into them with my own eye`s wide open and awear it`s do or dont. a few weeks back i looked into those eyes and that smile once more they belong to a lady doctor in the beaumont hospital, dublin and today i got the all clear once again for an other 3 months. happy days christ they werent so happy went i woke this morning rough as a bears arse after a week end of forcing liquid depression down my neck. but sure what about it? this evening i`m all brand new again having decided to take a few days of before i head of on my travels again this week end. berlin here i come no need to lock up your daughters or wifes for that mater this time i`ve got stuff on, no worries.

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7/10/2006 3:29 pm

glad you got the all clear...enjoy the trip....what is it you're not getting out of here alive....

rm_aqustic2 replies on 7/10/2006 5:05 pm:
cheers hbowt my saying.....theres none of us getting out alive.

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That's good news then...

Sula xxx

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