uwwwhhhh ahhhhh uwwwwhhhh...........  

rm_aqish007 32F
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7/6/2006 12:11 am
uwwwhhhh ahhhhh uwwwwhhhh...........

I've been uwwhh ahhh"ing" for the whole day... SIGHING!!!!!!!!!! What else can I do alone in the office.Been tired rolling on the floor, kicking the flower plants, counting the ciggy butts in the ashtray etc etc. TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!!! I am nut...ohohohoho m nut.

Just now, I was standing facing the mirror looked at construction view outside at Star Hill, watching the workers gamble their life there. And now here I am again.

TThis morning, I woke up quite early, 7.30am....surprise surprise!!!! . Even my office hour is from 9am, but I normally wake up by 8.59am . Bet my boss love me huh!!!

Anyway,I might as well wake up late as usual, Its not worth it wake up so early, coz I got dressed up by 8am and stepped out from my hume and heckssss... there was no cab!!!!!!! I decided to take a bus, and reached KLCC very soon. I walked over to my office coz its not that far. Nice morning I had today Hey... I had "nasi lemak" once I reached here

Ufhhhh, there is nobody interest me in chatting , no matter how bored I am, but if people talk cock, just turn me off. Earlier this one guy asked wether I am interested with white hard cock or not. I told him I am just interested with bright smart brain , and dont expect him to crack his head to be the one, instead he can always "hack" his cock, DIY.... muahahaha

OK, m hungry now.

ciao bella

iceboy336 34M
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7/9/2006 9:39 pm

heloo evilic angel
good afternoon/uhwhat exactly is ur job anyway?
okie..been tired of doing what u normally do!
well..try sthing diff then u noe what u shud do! haha..run around ur working place and shout TODAY's GONA BE A NICE DAY
hehe..juz kidd wiv that

wait a 2nd..r u able to go online in d office?
hehe..go msn then iceboy336 at hotmail add me up if possible..what's urs if u have! i could chat wiv u since i'm alwiz online till 3pm coz that's d time im going to work which is from 4pm till 1am.

haha..7.30am ! u lived in selangor! i tot all those ppl supposed to wake up like darn early than 7.30am to avoid the jams! so how long does it takes u to go klcc from which ever part of selangor u r in?

haha..normally u woke up at 8.59 am eh ! well,.SURE ur boss do LOVES u alot luv u till he just wana pinch ur cheeks and ask " WHY R U LATE ?" hahhaha..LOL !! juz kidding only..no offence okie!

aww.. well who sez nobody interest u in chatting !
i;ll give it a try willing to take up this challenge

anyway as for today! so what u wake up eh hehe as usual u woke up LATE or what hehe..so what u had for bfast today?

k when u say u r bored ! how bored were u exactly at that moment?
feels like life is meaningless? or feels like gosh..im so lazy..my whole body juz wouldnt wana move or react towards anything?

well..actually i just woke up ! hehe
had fun wiv my female fren last nite..went cafe flame or bar flame at sunway.. few jugs of long island tea and fries and watched the FINALE OF WORLD CUP till it ends.. YEAH, it was awesome !
how about u then? hehe or i should ask .. how was ur weekends !!
were ur time fully occupied with plans and activities

k better stop now..wait for ur reply then

iceboy336 34M
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7/10/2006 12:49 pm

hehe,been wuahhaahing the whole day eh!
sounds like u've not been sleeping for days or been partying
well,since u r tired rolling , kicking & counting! why, not try to get up, run around the office shouting "today, im getting bored, really bored,freaking bored AHHHHH!!! " haha..guess that shud help!
nahim juz kidding wiv u ppl wud think who;s dis hysterical lady running around the office shouting! LOL

do u go online? why not msn or even IM since u r bored?
at least u have friends online as for me.. i;ll be online once i woke up till 3pm, coz i work from 4pm till 1am.
sigh, its like u r getting off from work soon, and im going to work !
u sleep, i work haha, my life is totally upside down esp sleeping time and eating time !

well, when u c those workers gambling their life down there while u r up in the office..how wud u feel? do u felt that "gosh, they r down there working like a cow and sweating like a pig and as for me, im just the air -conditioned office wiv laptop in front of me doin my work even though is bored "

haha, 7.30am u woke up, and u stay in selangor!
wow,aren't u scared of the jam ? gosh, 9am work time, u woke up at 8.59am , well..indeed ur BOSS sure do LOVES u a lot, till he juz wana pinch ur CHEEKS and say ' WHY R U LATE? haha..

ooh,how long does it takes u from ur home to klcc?
is that wat u eat evry morning..juz nasi lemak or do u have any varieties? anyway, how bout today ! wat time u get up then hehe..
8.59am again?

okie, well..in wat ways wud interest u then mind sharing!!
haha,wow..i assumed ur reply does SHUTS him off after tat !
so what happened in the end? did he reply back or he juz dug a hole and buried his head into the ground hahha...

if u have more to share, im willing to read every blogs u pen down !
haha.. its fun to read ur blogs seriously does !
keep it up !

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