Confession of a Friend part 3  

rm_aqish007 32F
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4/20/2006 9:18 pm
Confession of a Friend part 3

Enough of this ahem… ahem… Where did I end previously? I think this will end as my confession. Aqish, please rename the title to ‘A Confession of A Friend’. Hahahaha…. What is she doing now? Jumping and kicking the air. Really! Maybe she ate too much pills tonight so I think she’s not in the correct state of mind. Now this is my chance to blab. Hahaha!

Do you think it’s easy sleeping beside an attractive lady and not do anything. Gosh! I tried. Every time I sleep beside her I tried to restrain myself from nibbling her nipple. I was warn about this so I better stick to that warning. Learnt my lesson here. Don’t do anything stupid BUT if you still wanna do something stupid, don’t tell the person you did it. That’s not sincere. That’s stupid. Hehehe! And as a hugger, I need to hug someone when I’m sleeping. Yes she do supply me with ample substitution (her teddy bears and extra pillows) but hugging a breathing living person beside you feels better. Keh. Keh. Keh.

Should I confess more? I will if I get paid.

I can feel her legs underneath my pillow. That only mean one thing… she’s getting ready for dreamland. Yup. That what she does whenever she sleeps. Oh God! ‘No Me Ames’ is playing at the moment. One of my favorite! I turn to her and this tired lady is fast asleep. Should I jump on her and kiss those lips? And than she’ll kiss me back and slowly she’ll pull her face closer to mine? And should I touch her skin gently with my trembling hands and slowly touch those soft breasts of hers? Than slowly removing her tee and exposed the upper part of the tanned body of hers, revealing a majestic view to me? So I could lower my lips to one of her almost erect nipple, massaging the other one slowly, bringing it to a full stand? And wish she will open my collared red shirt and revealing my flabby upper part? And should our skin touch each others where we will feel electrified when we rub skin to skin? Then gently caress her slim legs and slowly pulling her pants off, revealing her dark colored panty? And should I played my finger slowly outside her panty, trying my best to make her wet? And after a while when I feel her wetness on the tip of my finger, should I slowly pull it from her beautiful body? And should I kiss that sensitive part of hers and slowly lick it with my eager tongue, hoping she would reach her first orgasm? Then should I insert my throbbing hot penis in the wet love hole, humping like a rabbit and changed to other sexual position? Doggy on her dining table? Continue on her coffee table and back to her L-shape sofa and trying so hard not to cum before she start scratching my back and beg me to cum? Nahhhh… I won’t do that. It’s just another sexual fantasy of mine. Why not I just her? Hmmm… that’ll be too sadist! Oh well, one day. I promised her that one day I’m gonna her but I don’t think tonight gonna be the day. She looks so peaceful. You’re safe tonight. I’ll opt to masturbate after this.

Why shouldn’t I? It’s all because I’m trying to respect her wish.

She has several criteria that a guy needs to have to be her fuck buddies. Here are some (maybe she can update you guys later):

1. White
2. Nice body
3. Don’t mind to spend some quality time with her (not humping all the time)
4. Don’t mind to spend some cash

See! I told you. I didn’t even pass the first two criteria so I don’t need to sulk and enjoy the honor to achieve the 3rd criteria. The fourth? If I can, I will.

I’m drowsy at the moment. I think I should be better off to bed… sofa I mean. I’ll not be sleeping beside her coz you see, her legs will be at my head. Sigh. Oh well, this weekend I don’t think I’ll be going to see her that much as I have some theatre show to catch at Actors Studio Bangsar. So guys… catch her if you can! Hehehe.

Later. Good night. Sweet dream Aqish!

A friend.

Hehehehe, thats all the confession for today and hehehe now i really really have to beware of him. anyway, to those who didnt understand this, u have to start reading from part 1.

rm_Lynna84 32F
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5/3/2006 9:04 pm

Aqish.. he's soooo nice... & naughty at the same time

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