Confession of a Friend part 2  

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4/20/2006 9:14 pm
Confession of a Friend part 2

Aqish: wooohooo…..thats long my fren. Anyway, seems like he is doing a real confession in here LOL. About the skirt, hmmm he never told me that. Anyway, NOTED!!!! But but don’t expect me to wear this club med short to club…

Flabby ass???? Shiieeeeeeeeet!!!!! I was kiddin about me as a 55 years toothless African and bet my cute ass is s guys dream..hahahahahhaa
Friend: What long? You haven’t seen anything that can goes real long yet. Not mine la. Mine is still a kontol kontot. I didn’t tell you about the skit coz you seems to like it OR maybe it’s the only decent looking jean skirt you have at the moment. Oh ya! Talking bout jean… Aqish doesn’t look nice in Levi’s. She’s stunning only in Cap Ayam jeans. So guys, here’s a good hint! Go to Petaling Street and buy her cheap jeans! Hahaha! Anyway, I did saw a jean in MANGO that I think she fit in real well. The price tag: RM439. Hmmmm… but being with her is like booking a flight with AirAsia. You can choose whether you wanna buy cheap or expensive ticket but in the end, it still look cheap! Hahahaha!

As this suppose to be a confession, let me just blab anything I want. She told me once her vagina can fit in a bottle of 1.5L Coke. Whether it’s true or not, I’m not sure. Ok! Ok! I just made that up to spice thing up. Hehehe! Ok la, she’s tight like a virgin rabbit. Satisfied? Cehhhh…. Her room is nice and coz it’s soooo nice, you feel like not doing anything to that queen size mattress. It’s too nice to be messed up with. Luckily she has a nice L-shape sofa.

Damn it! She’s aggressive today! I was spanked again! Luckily with a teddy bear and actually, it feels nice! Have you seen her mad? You should! When she’s mad (at you), her attractiveness goes up 5 level but hell no I’m gonna say that to her when she’s mad. One more thing, her mouth smell like ash tray. Hahahaha.

Aqish: hehehe my fuck buddy once said, “kissing u is like kissing an ashtray”.

And I know that actually he is soooo eager to mess up my bed but was being kicked by me before. For your information, this sofa is much more nicer than my bed, damn!!! Once u land ur bum on it, u will never want to stand up anymore. Like stick on it… not promoting this sofa coz I don’t even get a penny by doing so, but yeah… it is nice. Have to agree

Friend: Let me get this straight… I’m not the fuck buddy, I’m the sleeping partner. There’s a big difference. Fuck buddies get to have insertion while sleeping partner only mess her home. Which one is better? Depends how you see it. If you’re into fetish, blondish and leather, you should choose the later. Hmmm… I think she’s sleepy coz when you’re observe Aqish correctly, you know her sleepy sign. But the amazing thing is, she would clean the house, wash her clothes and do the housework first before she goes to bed. Interesting, ain’t it?

Dance. You should take her to the dance floor. Trust me with this. She’s heading to the bathroom. Cool! Now is my chance to peep her doing “business”. Darn! It’s a forest down there! Gee… I should offer her a helping hand. A bikini wax should do her good. Oppsss…. She’s back!

Ok… as she don’t want to write (though it’s her turn), let me continue. The first time I met her was in Finnigan Bangsar. At first, I didn’t know that the hot girl who’s giving a lap dance to one smiling white guy was here. I thought it was someone else. Oh god! Her lap dance is a must if you get a chance. I was lucky enough to experience it once. My penis stood tall like crazy. Luckily I wore 2 boxers that night!

The next meeting was for a movie. If I’m not mistaken, it was King Kong and she screamed when the insects creep down. Gosh! I was trying to hide my face when she screamed. Back then, her hair was still long and sometime it makes her look like ‘Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam’. Her new hair did her justice until she decided to cut it again and she ended looking like a female Lego figure… Seriously. Luckily she decided to re-repair it. Phewwwww…..

Whenever we meet, I always get to see the messy Aqish. Not that I’m complaining. I love that messiness. It shows a decent side of her. So guys, another hint, meet her when she just woke up and go and love that messy her. Oh god! Now she’s singing MAWI. Yuck… but what can I say, she can really sing that song.

I cant remember the other outing but I love time when we when shopping for her knee-length boot. The boot looks nice with her in it but I seriously love the cute puppy panties she’s bought. It’s so cute.

Suddenly, she’s thinking of ahem… ahem… Well, what to do? When you’re in love, you’re in love.

Aqish: well……. No comment
Friend: See… I told you didn’t I? I think she’s falling for this ahem… ahem… already. Well, chemistry take slow and steady effort, ain’t it? Hehehe…

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