real? or just a fantasy?  

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real? or just a fantasy?

Why is he such an asshole to me? All I want to do is hang out with my friends and him at the same time... I just want to have fun with everyone at once, why does he have to get so jealous???

She thinks back to the way the day began, it seemed like they were going to have so much fun. They were going to go and hang out at the lake and just chill with friends, drink some beer and have a barbeque... he seemed excited about the idea of going and hanging out with everyone. Until they got there and her ex boyfriend was there. Then all of a sudden, he just started getting surly and wouldnt do anything but sit and sulk. All she did was give him a hug and ask if he was doing well, and all of a sudden its the cold shoulder. She finds herself thinking that maybe she shouldnt have confronted him about it there, that maybe she should have just let him cool off and talked about it later... after all, it wasnt like she did anything wrong... but she didnt, she started in on him, asking him to just lighten up, that there wasnt anything about her ex that she still wanted. She tried to reassure him that it was ok, that she flirts with everyone, but that he was the one that she would go home with. She thinks what the fuck? Its not like we are married, we both have been with other people while we were dating... it wasnt until he decided that HE wanted to have a one on one with her that he started getting jealous. So they fought, said some things that she was sure neither one meant, but she wasnt really thrilled about him accusing her of wanting to sleep with her ex again... if that was what she really wanted, then she would have told him that right from the beginning and not agreed to a relationship. Well, it might be moot now, right before she stormed off, he said he didnt care what she did anymore. So now she needs to figure out what it is she really wants to do.

Slowly but surely, as she walks deeper into the woods, farther from the lake and the staring eyes, she begins to feel better. Feeling the light breeze on her face that is blowing through the trees and hearing the soft rustle of the leaves overhead is quite soothing. As she walks she realizes that shes never quite ventured this far before and wonders why not, it is quite beautiful here, deep in the woods. She hears off in the distance the soft passing of water over stones, so she sets off in that direction to take a look and see what more there is about this beautiful forest that can help soothe her. She finds a clear running, cold water brook that runs over a rocky bed of stones, it looks quite refreshing. She sits on the bank and lets her feet dangle into the water, feeling it massage her toes and ankles as it swirls around them, laying back she looks up into the clear sky that opens up where the trees part to make way for the path of the water and just sighs and relaxes some more. Feeling the water swirl over her brings a feeling of peace and tranquility that seems so strange to her right now, especially considering the day that she has already had. Sitting up and folding her legs to her chest, she ponders more about the problem with her boyfriend and then suddenly, she decides that she has had enough stress for the day and decides that she has found the perfect place to just let things go and enjoy just being alive for a while. This feeling has given her a sense of freedom as well, and suddenly she has a desire to lie in the water and just let its soothing effects wash over her entire body. She strips off her clothes, folds them neatly so as not to disrupt the natural look of the landscape and then eases herself into the rushing water. The feeling of the water rushing over every inch of her body feels wonderful, tingling and touching her everywhere at once. She closes her eyes and just enjoys the feel of it caressing her and touching her everywhere. There is a wonderful sensation of being one with nature, no reservations, all the cares and the worries of the world just drift away as if the water itself is washing it from her. As she swims about she feels the current caressing her in places where a swimsuit would normally cover, it feels so good, so sweet, so sensual, like a lovers gentle kisses. She glides through the water, to where the water rushes over some of the larger stones, worn round and smooth by the passage of water and time. Feeling invigorated, and deeply aroused, she lays down in the stream propping her shoulders against two submerged rocks, the pressure of the rushing water much like firm hands holding her there. She feels the water begin to rush by, over and in her, the sensation taking her from this world into one of pure bliss, raw natural lust and surreal life. The sounds of rushing water blend with the rushing sensation she feels deep inside her, blurring the lines between this world and the other even more. She slowly begins to hear a soft, yet persistent, murmuring in her ears. Ever gently, she is ushered into the embrace of a raw, sensual lover she would have never thought possible. Her natural lover becomes noisy in her ears, whispering loudly and hoarsely to her how he will show no mercy, that his passion is never tiring, and yet is still gentle and soothing. She relaxes more and settles deeper into her lovers embrace, letting the water course up and over her stomach and breasts, feeling the steady rhythmic massage of her lover passing endlessly over her. Gently, yet firmly, he pulls her arms and her long hair up over her head, exposing her throat to his voraciousness, using his unyielding strength to stretch her further back and hold her there, causing her to surrender even more completely to his passionate embrace. As she relaxes even more and allows her lover his way with her, she feels the steady pressure of him spreading her legs against the rocks on either side of her, holding her tightly in his grasp, touching, exploring, saturating her with the constant pressure of his ardor. She feels him invade her, pushing deep inside, pulsating and throbbing in a ceaseless rhythm that envelops her entire body. It builds slowly at first, but the electric sensations that course through her every nerve ending from her toes, up her legs, around her thighs, into and around a forest of nerve endings, across her stomach and breasts, lighting fires in her nipples and finally cresting in her mind, drive her to complete surrender. She feels him everywhere at once, touching, kissing, fondling, sucking, caressing, driving, and then it seems that the water consumes her, takes her to another realm of consciousness where the physical and the audible become one and together are deafening as she rises quicker and quicker to the crescendo of orgasm. He washes over her, throbbing and strong, taking her mind to a place that seems savage and yet pure, she rides the waves of him again and again, as her tireless lover never ceases his assault on her body. She cries out in passion, stronger than any she has ever felt before, full of lust and longing for more. Finally, after what seems an eternity in his embrace, unable to endure the endless ravaging of her body any longer, she slowly struggles to free herself of his strong embrace. Her lovers relentless passion is difficult to overcome, but she drags herself, quivering from near exhaustion to the streams edge where she left her clothes folded neatly. As her conscious mind slowly begins to come back to reality, she feels refreshed and yet exhausted in the same moment. Never before has she felt such vibrance, life and connection to a lover... this all consuming, sensual, flood of blissfulness is more than just a mere orgasm, it is almost more than she can comprehend. Never before, not like that, not with anyone, ever. She smiles ruefully to herself as she draws a long deep breath, slowly pulls herself up and thinks;

I have just found a new love in my life

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