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5/8/2005 8:29 pm

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I know, I know. I *did* say I would try to add some positives.... but blogging is just a good way to let it all out, isn't it?

Ok, good thinks...... hmmmmmm *scratching head* .....

Well.... my day today..... has some good things in it..... well... and some bad. but I'll tell my story since there is good in there too.

Ok. So I wake up EARLY this morning
I drive about an hour north to meet my dad for breafast..... I don't get to see him even as close to as often as I like so that was GOOD!
I come home to find my poor little kitty sick
He calmed down a bit though.... So I was supposed to meet this guy I was talking about in my last post. The one I reeaaaaally want to meet before I go on an AdultFriendFinder haitus. Meeting him isn't really even for sex... (not to say it isn't ruled out for some point in the future) But he really has me intrigued.... He sweet, funny, and we have a lot in common... I think we could be great friends if nothing else. So.... we were going to get together for the afternoon. However..... his poor kitty got sick So sick he had to go to the emergency vet.... poor little guy. (the cat I mean )
So.... I didn't get to meet him.
But.... went out with my friend Beth and this guy she met on AdultFriendFinder..... he took us to dinner where I had a WONDERFUL meal. oh my... the BEST mexican food I have had in a LONG time.
That was a good thing
Then....we hung out at his place for a little bit.... then I decided to head home and leave the two of them.... to hang out... or whatnot. ( She left soon after I did though )
Well... So now I'm here. Typing away....hoping to hear from my "date that never was" lol .... to say hi and see if his cat is ok.. I know I would be freaking out if something serious was wrong with my Murray.... He is my baby.
Oh yes! Murray seems to be much better this evening.... he's not 100% He's just sleeping in my bed and nuzzling up with me when he gets the chance... maybe he just has the kitty flu.

Well.... yeah.
How exciting am I? lmao

rm_aj2429 38M

6/25/2005 7:50 pm

all that time in front of a computer wasted. This web site is pretty lame and everyone on it only talks and nothing else. Ron

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