Life of an Intern, pt. V  

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7/16/2006 9:58 pm
Life of an Intern, pt. V

The next day at work, I got an e-mail from him apologizing for "flirting so heavily" and insisting "we shouldn't do any more of that." I rolled my eyes at the computer screen and fired back a reply: "I respect your wishes."

Over the next couple of weeks, we had several more intimate conversations, almost always ending with me making a move and him telling me to stop.

From our conversations it became clear that he really did want to stay faithful to his wife -- but every night, I became more and more intent on fucking him. All night long, if possible. Up against a wall, on my hands and knees, missionary with him pounding away at my tight pussy ....

Any way he'd let me, I just wanted to fuck him.

Then one night, while his wife was on a business trip to London, I asked for a tour of his house. He had to know when he brought me home with him that something was going to happen.

And it did -- I gave him a mind-blowing suck on his little leather couch.

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