Alone With My Lover  

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5/12/2006 12:59 pm

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Alone With My Lover

What is wrong with having a week-end or even a few days with your lover, all alone. You know, time for just the two of us. No interruptions, no husband around. Just the two of us. Myself, and my lover.
The first time that we had a chance to be together, about six weeks ago, our being alone was well planned to the smallest detail. My husband was planning to travel that week-end and would be gone for a few days. I was excited. I was finally going to have the chance I had been hoping for. To have uninterrupted time to spend with my lover. We could finally have time in the evening and at night that we had been desperately aching for.
Then I get a phone call, just a matter of hours before the planned event. My son wanted to come over and stay with me for the week-end. I could see my plans starting to fade. I tried everything I could think of to persuade him not to come over, and to wait until the next week-end. He was insistent that he come over, and my plans for a great week-end went out the window.
Our next opportunity for our secret meeting came last week-end. My husband had planned to go out of town to a family function. His sister and her husband were flying in to our town a few days before, joining my husband, then all of them flying together to see the family. My lover and I planned everything once again. He was headed for Utah and would be coming back to Denver on his way home, which was 900 miles away. He would be in town on Friday and would stay until Monday. We were both so excited to have time together. He was planning to pamper me with roses, gifts that he was bringing with him, and was even going to bring me food from my favorite restaurants. Well, you just know what had to happen. Yelp, you got it. The well laid plans went to hell in a hand basket in just a matter of hours.
It seems, while they were spending a day in the mountains, a day before their leaving to the family event, that my brother-in-law became ill. So ill in fact that they had to take him to the emergency room. It turned out that he had a bad bladder infection, and was told by the doctor not to travel for a few days. Well, as luck would have it, my husband and sister decided to go to the even anyway, leaving the brother-in-law home. With me. And my husband did not even ask me if I would mind. They just left him, not saying a whole lot until they were leaving to catch the flight. So, there went another well planned weekend. Needless to say, my lover was not very happy with the turn of events, but , he is very understanding. He said things would be alright, but he would go ahead and head back home, at least hoping to be able to spend some time with me on line.
We got some time to talk on the phone once he got home, but my conversations were very guarded. My houseguest was always roaming around, and I never knew when I might be overheard. I had to tell my lover how much I loved him and wanted him, but in a low whisper. It was so unnerving at times. Saturday night I snapped. I jumped all over him, my lover, the guy that meant the world to me. I was a downright bitch from hell. I was so upset by the events, that I totally took out my frustrations on him. I had never showed that side of me to him, and I know he was taken aback. I apologized to him the next morning.
Then, that evening, out of the clear blue, he acted like a total asshole when we were talking. I guess everything had piled up on him, and I was the unlucky one that got the blunt of it. I had never seen him that way before, and was even at the point of hanging up on him. But I didn’t. The next morning he told me over and over how sorry he was, going on to say that he was just overwhelmed by all the events of the past few days. I understood.
I know that once my husband gets home and all the house guests go back to their homes, things will be better. It will be back to normal once again. But, I was so wrong for assuming that it would instantly return to normality. In fact, things got a lot worse. I never realized that I was so scared of our meeting until it started destroying our relationship. Never the less to say my lover and I were at odds over the smallest things. This lasted for about 3 days and we are finally started communicating again. We discussed our feelings. My lover felt that I was going to leave him. But I felt that I was somehow hampering his life. The jest of it all, is, all we were avoiding the subject because we didnt want to hurt each others feelings. And all we were doing was hurting each other by not talking things through. But now we are on the up swing of our relationship, and things are looking so much brighter.


If any of you have experienced this, could you please comment on this, and tell us some of what you have experienced.

Denfiredude 62M
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12/2/2007 9:35 pm

Thanks for the advice. It is tough to find quality time for your lover when you are in that situation. I have the advantage of being off in the day time and we rendezvous then. But it is still nicer to sleep together, get up together.

rm_sam19423 74M
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2/7/2008 12:06 pm

hi ann I do not have A lover yet still looking but that add. is sumthing I will rember if I find sumone this site has not helped atall but still trying if you would like another story let me know mabe it will cheer you up walter

HoldsBejelEdict 66M

9/18/2008 2:35 pm


I just happened upon your blog today for the first time; it appears that you haven't posted anything in the past year, but I found this post to be timeless. I found this post to be very candid, and sincere. I appreciate your honesty of sharing an experience that might help others.

As you have said, we're all on this site for one reason or another; whatever it is, we're here. I'm not involved with anyone at this point, although I've met someone on-line who I like. I will remind myself of what you've shared, as a way to keep myself on an even keel.

Again, my thanks for sharing,


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