Part 2  

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6/27/2006 5:01 pm

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Part 2

He sits up on the edge of the bed one arm supporting his weight the other tangled in my hair making sure i take all of what he has to offer his grip starts to tighten around my locks i can feel his erection getting stiffer with every movement of my mouth every time he hits the back of my throat the throbbing deep within me gets more intense. i reach around to the back of my head and guide his hand to let go when he does i stand back up and push him back into the bed i then sit on his face i feel his tongue enter me it nearly takes my breathe away i wrap my hand around his hard cock and start jerking him slowly at first but i start fucking his face faster, jerking him faster till were both close to letting go i lower my self down my tits pressed against his pelvis i suck him hard my tongue letting no part go untouched i grind his face faster till were both moaning with anticipation in a matter of seconds i feel his hot load fill my mouth and my pussy is throbbing in ecstasy on his tongue. i swallowed all he gave me down and he threw me off of him he bent me over and shoved my head into the bed as he mounted up behind me i could feel his hard head rubbing against my lips and clit he then enter me at first just letting the head pierce me but then entered full force all of him deep inside of me the pink folds of my pussy gripping his cock ever so tightly he reaches around to grab my tits and pumps me harder and deeper..............

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6/27/2006 5:48 pm

cant wait for part 3 \8

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