the comeback  

rm_angel4bed 34F
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9/3/2006 7:17 pm
the comeback

hello peeps,so the angel returns, this time more tame amd what have i been up to?i am seeing my psychiatrist for my treatment.alas i decided to see one after a few years of evaluation i need to get cured from past scars and heartaches.i decided to be sane and normal.dont get me wrong coz i haven't been violent just a fe denials and thinking im all out i am an incest victim when i was younger and that experince undoubtedly shaken my personality.dont get me wrong i haven't been promiscous but i'm a bit confused of the things i want in life.

by the way id like to thank those people who have shared interest in me and pls dont get me wrong nah im not trying to relinquish my throne as your angel-devil in mind but let's say im trying to look at another dimension.i had sex last week with someone i knew way back when i was younger and i'm so sorry to say that he has a small prick but of course since i haven't been laid for quite sometime he's okay with me after all he's a good friend of mine and again he doesnt have a girlfriend.

yes it's always a big deal for me not because i'm hoping for a relationship but for te reason that i had my share of infidelity issues and i wont forgive a guy who screw up other girls when they're at a relationship so the moral of the story is stay SINGLE for crying out loud!!!

so i got a new fone,it's a cheap one from motorola but am happy about it.the internet connection with the 3g is fast and my bill is also climbing where was i these past few days???a trip to mandaue mental rehab every weekend is not bad.the meds keep me sane and let me sleep bestfriend "coffee" and a few puffs of cigarrette keep me cool.

people say im pretty and smart but dont you know i really think i feel so ugly and i don't know why i feel am an asshole just because i cant get someone to love me for who really am.allow me to vent pls after all this is my coloumn.allow me to share my frustrations in life.i need a stable man in my life.fuck am turning 25 next year and i feel the train has left me already.i want a relationship now whatever the agenda is i need a sane man to keep the world go suffering from depression...

but i also let go of everytime a chance comes.

i have suitors but i dont like them it's either they seem so clingy that i get scared he might choke me.he seems so pathetic,there's one who also has mental disorder GOd i dropped him already....!,the other one has overconfidence that i always fel hurricane whenever he talks and the one who plays mindgame and the friendly one who pretends to be am-your-bestfriend...

so there it goes...

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