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im back

Tips and Tricks for Searching F*CK BUDDY

Selecting a f**k buddy out of the millions of members in online dating sites seems like a challenging (but fun) task. Here are some tips that will help you find the f**k buddy of your dreams by using the simple search options available on online personals sites.

* While you can jump right ahead and request for sex on your first email, that's not the classiest thing to do now, is it? Try to develop little "friendships" first. After all, one of the secrets of being a successful f**k buddy is knowing how to communicate with your partner. You can do that more easily if you have some kind of foundation to build up on.

* Be as specific as you can when searching. Most personals sites allow you to search for keywords, and you should use this function to narrow down your search. Some examples that you can use are the words "busty", "bisexual", etc - whatever interests you. If you have fetishes and fantasies, don't forget to put them in as well - you never know if someone's willing to make your sex fantasies come true.

* Don't just go for conventionally beautiful women. There are two reasons why you shouldn't limit yourself to women who look like models. First, a beautiful woman isn't always exactly a great lover. You want a f**k buddy, remember? Not a trophy wife. Second, most people have sex in dim or no lighting conditions anyway and it's not as if you're required to go on dates with this woman. Your arrangement is for a f**k buddy, not a girlfriend that you'll bring home to meet your mother.

The Perfect F**k Buddy: Qualities to Look For

Having a great f**k buddy has its valuable rewards. You have to be on the lookout for the qualities of a great f**k buddy if you want to get into a truly pleasurable - in every sense of the word - experience. Here are the qualities that you should be looking for in a casual sex partner:

* It doesn't matter if she can't spell "good hygiene", she just needs to have it. Nothing can put you off like a woman who doesn't know how to take care of herself. "What's that smell?" isn't exactly the sexiest line to say in the bedroom.

* She has to be adventurous and experimental. What's the point of getting a f**k buddy if you won't get to try new things, right? You might as well sit at home and fly solo. It's a very good sign if she proposes new things to try once in a while, and if she's enthusiastic about fulfilling your fantasies.

* She has curves in all the right places. Of course, where these "right places" are totally depend on your individual taste. Some guys are into big breasts, while others give more importance to a woman's derriere or her legs. As long as she's shaped in a way that drives you wild, you'll definitely be inspired to please her sexually.

* The less pressure you get from her, the better. Sometimes, guys get "performance anxiety", especially when a women rush them or voice out certain sexual frustrations. Recreational sex is just that - recreation. There should be no mental stress involved. After all, you're at your best when you're relaxed.

The F**k Buddy from Hell: Qualities to Avoid

Sometimes, a woman can be so beautiful that you overlook her negative qualities - and this often comes at a price. While there's nothing wrong with appreciating the beautiful qualities of women, there are definitely some traits that you should watch out for if you want to get out of your f**k buddy experience unscathed. On the same vein, these are qualities that you should get rid of if you recognize them in yourself. If word gets out that you're the f**k buddy from hell, then no amount of dating site registrations can save you.

* It's hard to get rid of their need for codependency. Remember our first lesson? F**k buddies are all about fun, recreational sexual encounters. It's a general rule of thumb that you shouldn't have any emotional attachments or aspirations of commitment when engaging in a casual relationship.

* Some girls are just addicted to power. Believe me when I say that the last thing you need is a power-tripping f**k buddy who uses sex as a way to control you. It's important to go through a casual relationship with your dignity intact. After all, it's hard to get aroused when you're feeling used.

* Beware of virgins. While cavemen pride themselves in being a woman's "first", there's something wrong with that kind of scenario. First of all, I don't mean virgin in the literal sense. A woman can have no sexual experience and yet be very interested in knowledgeable about sex. The types of virgins you should avoid are those who are too demure, too innocent, and girls who think that the word "buddy" is the key word in "f**k buddy".

Summing things up...

Finding f**k buddies online is a simple and effective way to go about looking for recreational sex. It can definitely pay off if you know what you're doing.

Im back from my 5 days leave and Im looking around to get laid again...hehehehe

skyhuntersweep 34M

5/28/2006 1:34 am

Hello! Nice tips. Looking for fuck buddy is indeed a challenge. Until now, I don't have any! Or I just way too slow to win just one girl?

rm_angel4bed 34F
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5/28/2006 7:17 am

hello there...

rm_realpro7 56M
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6/3/2006 9:42 am

Hi angel, curious lang ako. what does a pretty girl like you doing on this site? coffee na lang tayo.

rm_angel4bed 34F
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6/4/2006 1:31 am

cge coffee like to answer ur question.nice one...
first, i dont have a bf and i can't get one i dont want to im scared of the risk,hell i am!
second, i cant get a lovelife same issues
third my sched is tight and i work at night
fourth i dont go out and party nor smoke drink no vices but yes i want a good s*am i asking too much?)
fifth this is my alter ego or my pseudo name or the site where i can be whatever i wanna be
sixth i love reading and writing this site makes me up on my night sched while listening to my irate callers in the office,i read so i could enteratain myself.
seventh id like to post a pic but dont wanna show my face,weird isnt it?
eight,i have nothing to do on my shift
and blahblahblah

if you wanna be a friend shoot me an e-mail.


in short ksp

rm_Luvgunz4u 40M
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6/7/2006 1:37 am

Hi Angel! can i be ur fuck buddy txt me at this no.09206390912 if u wanna get laid.

rm_angel4bed 34F
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6/7/2006 4:57 am

    Quoting rm_Luvgunz4u:
    Hi Angel! can i be ur fuck buddy txt me at this no.09206390912 if u wanna get laid.
hello there,i hope a letter or two doesnt hurt on my personal addy angel 4 bed at yahu dat com.let's take it from there or im me.we could start a liitle chit chat...

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6/22/2006 2:00 am

hi! just wondering where did u get all those details. In the net or thru experience? Im already married and really wanted to try different things... My wife is always busy.... less quality time cguro. Thanks

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9/1/2006 11:49 pm

hi if ever u have time please send me an email...i can also give my number if you want to for a little and happy conversation...can i be ur friend? thanks

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