Dream Trip to Asia..  

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Dream Trip to Asia..

He had always wanted to visit the famous ruins of Ankor in Cambodia. Now he would get the chance of a lifetime; a cruise and side visits to Cambodia.

The trip started with a long flight to Bangkok. It was a package deal, so the hotels would be first class all along the way. The hotel was 5 stars and located right on the banks of the river in Bangkok. He remembered from his trips to South America that top hotels often have massage available. And, yes, this hotel did too. Bangkok and Thailand have become known for "massage" and he wanted to try one.

The rates for an hour or two even in the hotel are quite modest compared to the US. He went to the desk and "booked" a massage. He was given a towel and directed to the room where he would undress. She arrived with a smile and he noticed she was very tall. This guy is pretty conservative so he had booked the most reasonable "head and shoulder" massage for one hour (50 minutes, like the shrink).

She offered him an "oil" massage but that would cost extra so he declined and lay back to enjoy the soft hands up and down the back. It was not long before she was squatting, sort of sitting her firm butt on his and he was purring. At the end of the session he was so satisfied that he asked her when she got off from work and if he could see more of her; she said ok.

So it was a bit of a disappointment when he returned later to find out that she had already finished. ( what he was to find out later was that a happy client could buy the lady out of the rest of her evening, thus being able to leave early)

He was a little wiser the next evening when he arrived for his next massage. He asked for the "tall girl" but she was not available. This time he booked the "full body" massage for an hour. His "girl" was lively, quite good with English and quite a bit of fun. About half way thru the massage she offered him a "special" making clear that his penis would be well massaged. This he declined since his penis had had a bit of surgery done just below the helmet where some tissue was uncomfortable during hard sex and the doctor had said "no sex" for a while to let it heal. He told her he did not need the hand job, but he would really going out to do some dancing. This she liked! So with this in mind, he bought her out for the few remaining hours of her schedule and they both agreed that they must depart separately. She had her own car (rich girl) and she planned to pick him up at a designated spot on the main street. He was both excited and a bit wary as he waited along the dim street side. Had he been "taken" this would not be the first time; oh well, nothing ventured ...... A beep and a big smile as the car finally pulled up and he jumped in. The car music was pop and things were looking good in Bangkok. She knew where to go and it was in the center of town, a place called Siam Square. It was a bit like a compound where one had to clear the gatekeeper. This is one why to keep from having the car stolen or have to worry about it.

As he and his "date" approached the sound of loud rock music got louder and louder (live music with "western" entertainers). Wow! She knew the ropes and since he was in shorts he could "rent" both slacks and some socks and get a partial refund when they were returned. The place was crowded with young people and the band was going nonstop. She found two of her friends who also worked in massage and made the introductions. Oh yes, the cover included one drink and she ordered a tall beer for him.

It was fun listening to the music and watching the scene. Many of the ladies were really into the music and tossing and turning all they had with great fun and smiles. While this was going on various combinations of the three girls too turns dancing. It turned out that there was some drama going on with one who started to cry. It seems she was having "boy trouble." The girls suggested he stay and find someone to dance with as they now wanted to go home. The night had been fun enough and he was happy she drove him back to the hotel rather than having him take a taxi in the wee hours.

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