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The Experience of Karma

Summary: Actions form configurations in the fabric of the Universe which we then encounter again in other circumstances.

A student writes:

How does Karma manifest itself and where do we find it in our being? That is to say, we generate it in this lifetime and we also bring it with us from previous lifetimes but how exactly does it work for (or against!) us.

One needs a complete view of the nature of Reality - of the Universe - to answer this one really. It’s a timeless universe - time and space are not as we think they are. That is what emptiness is all about.

So you could say that our actions form configurations that are then structured into the fabric of the Universe. The result is not so much a result as just part of the complete configuration. It is there already.

It is just a question of under what circumstances we are going to encounter that again. It isn't’t really going with us and it’s not really a result separate from the action itself.


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