european adventures  

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6/26/2006 2:56 am
european adventures

I had recently been spending a lot of time in Italy. I was there almost every day for 6 months, working, studying and most of all...lady watching. My first story is one that still gives me a slight boner everytime i think about it.
It all started at a hotel in Rimini, on the way back from Austria. For reasons unknown (but now appreciated), i was taking a bus, not a plane or train. As I am a decently tall guy (for italian standards), it was not too comfortable in the small crowded seats. While attempting to dose off on the bus, i was made one last eye sweep of the passengers and of the scenery, making sure i wasnt going to miss anything 'important'. To my good luck, i found a blonde (a rarity in italy) and a brunette casting me inquiring glances. I returned with a smile that had them both break into conversation. 'so they are friends,' i thought to myself. When they returned no more glances for a couple minutes, i passed it off as minor curiosity on their part, and went to sleep. When i woke up, we were nearing the hotel. It was a nice, quaint beach hotel situated among hundreds of other beach hotels just like it. When i got my luggage and key number, i didnt feel remotely tired, because i had just slept on the bus. after hooking up my phone to charge, i went downstairs to the bar to see what there was to do. upon my arival, i noticed a sign for a nightclub downstairs. i was in the mood to go, so i went outside and found the enterance to the club. as i entered, i was suprised to find it decently packed. i made my way over to the bar, and ordered a Jack and coke (one of my favorites) and sat down to relax a bit. after only taking a few sips, i noticed the cute blonde from the bus looking over my way. i gave her a little nod and a slight raise of the glass as an invitation. she gladly obliged and sat down next to me, while her friend leaned provocatively next to her, her lucious DD's pulling her slim frame slightly forward. we exchanged the usual greetings, and i bought them a drink apeice. we got to talking, and somehow, like always, the conversation topic moved to sex. we talked about fantasies and commitment, and i watched the blondes friend unconsciously touch her crotch over her short skirt. i thought i would kick some game, so i said i was tired and going up to my room to take a shower, but i would be more than happy if they would join me. to my great pleasure, they agreed at once! we quickly made it up to my room, and before the bedroom door had even closed, i found myself making out with the brunette (the blondes friend). we were making out as if we would die tomorrow, and i quickly freed my right hand to pleasure the wonderful vagina of the blonde. we were standing in the entranceway to my room, me pinned up against the wall making out with the brunette who had already undone my belt, and fingering the blonde who had already lost most of her clothes, and moaning in pleasure and becoming increasingly wet. finally, the brunette got my pants fully off, and my boner popped out, precum glistening on the head, and pulsing with my heart beat. the brunette immediately dropped down to her knees and began licking my head using one hand to gently massage my balls. with the brunette down at knee level, the blonde quickly stood over her, putting her inbetween her legs, giving her a chance to make out with me. all of us now naked, i was moving my fingers in the blondes vagina, gently caressing the clit, but driving my fingers into her at the same time while making out with her, and being sucked off by the brunette. I still dont really know how we managed to do it, but we all moved over to the bed. almost immediately, the blonde straddled my cock and started rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her crotch into mine, screaming in pleasure as she did so. she was so wet and so excited that i had her pussy juices running down my legs. her prefectly shaven vagina was opening and closing around my extremely hard cock, making small suctioning sounds everytime she rocked. i could feel my enormous cock hitting the mark way inside her, and although i knew i was as far in as i could go, i kept pushing for more, wanting to get as much as my cock inside of her as i could.
while the blonde was busy riding me, the brunette straddled my face, her incredibly went pussing dripping on me as she did it. she sat down over my mouth, placing that wonderful, wet, and steaming clit right in perfect position. i used my hands to pull apart her pussylips, and drove my tounge into her, making her scream with pleasure as i did so. i used my right hand to finger her ferociously causing her body to shudder, and her moans to become louder. i slowly moved my tounge and mouth up to her clit, and started a relentless campaign of sucking licking, and flicking her clit with my tounge. her hips started grinding on my face, pushing her soaking wet pussy harder and harder on me.
all the while, the blonde had been becoming increasingly intense, and her hips were now slapping against mine, splashing small drops of pussy juice everywhere. she finally started to become tense, and then frose and screamed, letting out a river of her cum, soaking me and the bedsheets. she slid off of my pole, and began licking and sucking me, taking me that final step. i shot my load into her mouth like my cum was a bullet.

End of part one...stay tuned for part 2!

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